Photo: JEWISH CORRUPTION: US Election: 15 of the top 25 biggest political donors this cycle are Jewish or of Jewish origin – My Comments


[Wouldn't this be called a CORRUPTING INFLUENCE under normal circumstances? But when Jews do it … it's like … YAY … ain't this AWESOME!?!? Nuts. Jews are using mostly American money to buy American elections. Just ponder that. Jan]

An American supporter sent me this comment regarding this story:
Many top donors to both parties are Jews. Does the fact that they split their affection between Dems and Reps indicate Jews present a united front, a tightly controlled Jewish cabal bent on Dominating a new world? Or does it show Jews are like many religious groups like Catholics or Protestants who are likewise disunited and strongly opposed to one another?

From left to right: Donald Sussman(Stevens Clarke); George Soros, Miriam Adelson, Sheldon Adelson, Bernie Marcus, Michael Bloomberg

Fifteen of the top 25 biggest political donors this cycle are Jewish or of Jewish origin.

I picked through the top 100 on the Open Secrets website for a glance at those 15, including Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Bernie Marcus and Donald Sussman. The biggest donor by far is Tom Steyer, the hedge funder-philanthropist who ran a presidential campaign this year and whose father was Jewish.

But scroll through the list of 100 and there are plenty of other intriguing stories behind the names: Daniel Abraham, the Slim-Fast diet mogul who emerged as a major advocate of the two-state solution during the Oslo process, is at 33 and listed as “solidly Democrat/liberal.”
Stacy Schusterman, a scion of one of the most important Jewish charitable enterprises, is No. 74 and also “solidly Democrat/liberal.”

Steven Spielberg, the blockbuster film director and producer whose USC Shoah Foundation is preserving Holocaust testimony, is No. 35 and, you guessed it, is “solidly Democrat/liberal.” Seth Klarman, the Boston hedge funder who might once have been counted as a conservative on the list, is now listed as “solidly Democrat/liberal,” having been driven leftward by his disgust with President Donald Trump. He’s at 28.
Cherna Moskowitz, whose late husband was a major funder of the Israeli settler movement (and oddly joins her on the list despite having died in 2016) is No. 39 and “solidly Republican/conservative.”

No. 37 is Haim Saban, the Israeli-American entertainment mogul who, like Adelson, says concern for Israel is a prime motivator of his giving.

The list was updated as of Sept. 8; expect Saban to shoot up with the new numbers.

Alienated in part by the perceived leftward drift of the Democratic Party, he did not start giving this cycle until recently and he is now all in for Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, who has a solid decades-long record as pro-Israel and a moderate.

Saban was No. 13 in 2016, when Hillary Clinton, like Biden a moderate, was on the ballot.


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