US Jewish Rabbis trading in Human Body Parts & Jewish murdering of Babies & filming it in Italy…


Here’s a note I got from one of my supporters:-Unlike many other sites you get right to the point you don’t feel your articles with nonsense or much fluff.

I wish you would do an article on this you can find information about it on the web. Back in 2009 couple dozen Jews including rabbis were arrested after a two-year long FBI sting for selling body parts to their fellow Jews in Israel.

As far as I know not a single one was ever prosecuted except a Negro Jew who took a plea bargain.

This was all swept under the rug you no one ever found out where the body parts were even coming from.

Is this where missing children wind up?

In the basement of some Jew surgeon?

I replied to him about another nasty story that I can’t find. I wish I could get the Italian story:-
Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to just slam home on the enemies of whites. I am sick of standing around and letting whites take beatings for no reason at all.

Don’t miss the #TeamWhite show with Alex Linder, that I will put out in the next few days. I’ll try to get it out in 3 days or less. We did it this evening. We slammed home on our enemies!

I will post this, and I’ll ask Alex if he knows anything about this. The Jewish filth hide their crimes all the time. They’re busy hiding one lie and crime after another if they feel that there could be heat for their race of shit.

Similar to what you have, is the instance in Italy some years ago where people were making snuff movies of babies that were being killed. Then it was a ring discovered to be of Jews selling these snuff videos at $20,000 per video. Someone had the balls to air it on Italian TV. Then the Italians who aired it on TV were all fired. But I wish I knew more detail of these filthy Jews and this hideous crime of murdering babies and filming it.

Thank you for this. I will publish it and will ask Alex and others if they know about it.

PS: I know a bit about propaganda, etc. I have my style for a certain reason. Rest assured … it hurts. That’s why I go straight for the throat. Our enemies need to be sent packing and scared shitless.

Take care,

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