The clue to British Nationalism is (((Kosher))) Fremasonry…

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Video: Creativity: Ben Klassens Autobiography: Against the Evil Tide
At the beginning of this book, I discuss why I think its excellent and some of the things that blew me away and impressed the hell out of me. This book is very long, but you can randomly listen to any part of it.

A reader left this interesting comment. It basically adds to my own views that the British aren’t free. They are so intertwined with Jews and Globalist Freemasons, controlled by Jews, that they don’t know who they are any more. Its hideous. If the white British don’t stand up for themselves, they’ll lose their country to non-whites controlled by the filthy Trillionaire Rothschilds. The reader wrote:

The clue is that British Nationalism is kosher Freemasonry…clock the Ulster flag and parades…so ‘UK’ is always Europhobe, thus kosher, since Cromwell’s Red revolt…the Puritan Anglo-Britard Israelites went to the USA and Washington was an Anglo Freemason…and few bourgeois Tories saw Thatcher for the crypto-Trotskiist she was, either, and a rank Judeophile like Powell-and all Tories.Anglo,THEE white traitor cur for centuries, now struggling in the coronoahoax 1984 gulag.

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2008: General Colin Powell the racist. Colin Powell is supposedly a Republican but what a fence-sitter he is, and like with Oprah, they all just went and supported Obama because hes black.

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