Origins of the Jews: Josephus, the unreliable Jewish Historian from the Roman Empire

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in a discussion between some people I wrote some comments of my own.

A lady wrote this:

When did Jesus become white for the CIs? I think that Christianity was pushed down the throats of whites by the sword (like integration). The weak swallowed. To make it palatable Jesus became white. Most, don’t read the Bible and even if they do, read select sections and make interpretations to fit their beliefs.

IMO, all three Abrahamic religions [Judaism, Christianity, Islam] are contrary to white ethics. Was John Calvin a jew? French Calvinists changed their name to Huguenots. Many came to the “new world”, America, early in its history. I like Eustace Mullins work but he was descended from the French Huguenots. He was very biblically oriented, i.e. the “Curse of Canaan” thing.

Maybe others could put more light on this.

Then John Kaminski wrote this:

John Calvin was a Cohen, supposedly from Switzerland. Circumcision was first practiced by the Egyptians (they say). The Jews would have learned it there, used it as a sign of first class credibility which they have been targeting and co-opting ever since. Even Eustace didn’t know that Manetho (5th century BC Egyptian historian, quoted in Josephus writing about Apion, an earlier historian) wrote that the Jews were driven out of Egypt as lepers (presumably after stealing what they could, as recorded in the Old Testament).

Note to Arch: Americans will not be waking up to the fact that most of them have been converted to Jewish behavior, loyal to nothing and no one, which makes them perfect fodder for the Jewish New World Order. Cops bowing down to criminals, indeed.

Here’s what I wrote:

Hi John,interesting remarks about the Jews. I have read that the Greeks and Romans were of the opinion that Jews were originally the dregs of Egyptian civilisation, which sounds similar to what you’re saying. Though, whenever I hear anyone quote Josephus, I am very wary, since he was a Jew and he also told a number of provable lies in his works. Christianity is based on his testimony of the resurrection of Jesus. Something I came across, but have not yet got round to putting online, is that when Josephus wrote about the Jews fighting the Romans on that hill (Massada) and the Jews preferring death by suicide rather than surrendering to the Romans, that even Israeli archaeologists found zero evidence of that. Josephus is just another unreliable Jew.

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