TymeBank: South Africa’s first totally digital bank? – Thoughts/Feedback anyone?

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[I sent this note to people I know. It's the first time I've heard of this bank. A few years ago, there was a white guy who ran the bank I worked for stated that he wanted to create the first cryptocurrency bank in South Africa. He later started another business along with an Indian who had been high ranking in the bank. So I'm wondering if they're involved in this or whether this is something else. Who owns this? And what is known about it? It would interest me if this was real. Any feedback is welcome. And I'll be checking with my contacts and supporters to see what is known about them. This might be good, and I'm curious if they or anyone would offer cryptos in a bank. Jan]

This is a note I sent to some friends:

Hi xxxxHave either of you heard of this bank?


I’ve just heard about it from a friend.

What do you know about it and think of it?

I see they offer 7% interest! Is this possible?


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