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[One of my good supporters woke up to the reality in 2015. On the bottom of all his emails he has his website with the words: "REVOLUTION NOW!!!" I like it. He has some documentaries that he highly recommends. He talks about the insanity of 911 and how impossible certain things were. I agree with everything he says about 911. Below is his background intro that he writes about his website, and the link to his website. He's a wonderful white man who stands by other whites firmly. So please tell other whites about him. And yes, REVOLUTION NOW! As for me, I'm always thinking: RACE WAR NOW!!! Let the Jews do their damndest. I must say, I smile a LOT when I see how QUICKLY whites have changed once they woke up! It's wonderful. The best thing YOU CAN DO is to TELL OTHER WHITES, TEACH OTHER WHITES and WAKE UP OTHER WHITES – ANY WHITES. Wake everyone up. This is the key to our future! Do your utmost to educate other whites. That is how we will all save ourselves. The future can be glorious when the white man and woman have their way. Jan]

Here is preamble to his website:

Hello and welcome to my site! This is a product of my "awakening" back in late 2015 when I encountered a documentary entitled "Anatomy of a Great Deception" by documentarian David Hooper. This was 14 years after 9/11/01 and 11 years after I had deployed to Iraq in 2004 as part of Operation Iraq Freedom. In the interim I retired from the Army, earned two Bachelor degrees in Business and History, and have since retired from the Postal Service as well. Most American citizens are unaware about things which still affect our nation due to 9/11/01 and subsequent events, including this Covid 19 "Plandemic." These are Events which are leading us further away from the Constitution, OUR PRECIOUS Bill of Rights, and what our founding father’s intended for us as their posterity, and evermore into Communist Tyranny. I bring up this documentary because it reveals factual, visual evidence regarding the way 3 buildings came down on that terrible morning, 9/11/01-Controlled Demolition, NOT jet fuel fires. Controlled Demolition for a job that size takes months to plan and set the charges in precise locations in order to bring down buildings of that size. WTC building 7 came down at 5:20 pm that evening, but it was NOT hit by a plane. There is no way Arabs could have gotten access to the INNER CORE of those buildings on a daily basis in order to plant that many charges. "Truth is stranger than fiction." If you consider yourself an American Patriot, I ask you to take your time here. These documentaries have been uploaded for you, "My Fellow American," in order to compel your sense of patriotism towards a realization it is our CONSTITUTION which is under attack and real patriots defend the Constitution. You Watch, You Decide. From things I’ve learned, we need another 1776 style REVOLUTION! NOW!

Here’s the link to his website:


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