Tucker Carlson: Putin Isn’t the Reason Gas Costs So Much Less in Mexico than It Does Here in the U.S. $5 & u p here vs $3 in Mexico

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By Janey Olohan | July 15, 2022 | 3:11pm EDT

“The government of Mexico, in the middle of a drug war, is taking better care of its citizens than Joe Biden is taking care of his citizens. And that is shameful,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson stated Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” discussing the steadily increasing price of gas across the United States.

While the price at the pump at U.S. gas stations remains near its record-high set last month, the average cost of a gallon of gas in Mexico is significantly cheaper – so much so that Americans are now filling up their tanks across the border.

“We do know the gas prices in Mexico are so cheap the Mexican government is encouraging more Americans to cross the border to refuel their cars, Carlson explained. “‘Right now,’ said the President of Mexico this week, ‘a gallon of regular costs $4.78 average on your side of the border, while in Mexico it costs $3.12.’”

Carlson questioned the narrative being pushed by the Biden Administration and liberal media that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the increase in U.S. gas prices:

“So you have to ask yourself: if we’re paying more for gas because of Putin’s price hike, why isn’t Mexico paying more for gas because of Putin, too? Why is inflation up, when wages are down? This doesn’t make any sense.”

U.S. government policies are the reason gas costs more in the U.S. than it does in Mexico, Carlson said:

“You really have to look at government spending. Last month, Mexico’s government did not follow the Biden administration’s lead and send its strategic petroleum reserve to China. They did not do that.

“Instead, here is what Mexico did: they spent $2 billion in subsidies to keep gas prices lower for consumers.”

Carlson said President Biden’s actions to support Ukraine in its war against Russia are harming the average American:

“People aren’t taking trips because of gas prices. Joe Biden, in the name of ‘democracy’ signed a $40 billion aid package – not for you or any other American – but for Ukraine. And that money, Joe Biden says, is just the beginning. It’s part of our unlimited commitment to funding Ukraine’s corrupt and authoritarian government.”

Carlson predicted that future generations will look back “with their jaws open” at Biden’s commitment to support Ukraine, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs.

“As the American economy heads toward total destruction, Ukrainians are dying in large numbers. Whose winning? Well, Ukrainian oligarchs. They are getting richer – much richer,” Carlson concluded.

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