S.Africa: Blacks call out their traitors: Zuma calls out snakes in Ramaphosa’s ANC


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Leader of the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) Jacob Zuma says the formation of the party was to protect the ANC against President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Zuma used a snake as an analogy, saying a man of the house must do everything even without a weapon to protect himself from a snake invading his homestead.

Zuma, who was speaking during his visit to Inkosi Mqoqi Ngcobo of the AmaQadi clan in Inanda, north of Durban, at the weekend, added that Ramaphosa was removing them from the ANC because he wanted total control of the ANC.

“As the man of the house, you must protect your home from a big snake. Even if you use your hand to do it, you must do it. By the time you kill the snake, you would have used your hands, but you would have done it,” he said.

Zuma’s new party was one of the biggest winners in this year’s elections after it managed to secure 37 of the 80 seats in the KwaZulu-Natal provincial legislature, knocking out the ANC from its pole position.

He added that his plan of fighting the ANC of Ramaphosa through the MKP was working well as members of the ANC were now fighting among themselves as they try to get Ramaphosa to resign.

“They are now fighting and begging him to resign. It is the truth what I am telling you. We did not run away but we are using the spear to defeat him. It was important for me to do this thing (MKP). As a man of the house, I am not saying I am a better man than other men, but having led the country before, I could not sit and do nothing while wrong things are happening. I am not scared as someone who has been arrested before without having done anything wrong by judges who persecuted me for standing up for the truth,” he said.

IOL also reported that Zuma during the same event on Saturday called Ramaphosa an “unrepentant thief” without directly calling him by name.

“We now have a person who does not care about the people. Who stole money and stashed it in a mattress but we cleared of any wrongdoing. He is an unrepentant thief,” Zuma was reported to have said.

He reiterated that the MKP was allegedly robbed during the recent elections despite becoming the biggest party in KZN with 37 seats of the 80 in the provincial legislature. Nationally, the MKP bagged 58 of the 400 National Assembly seats that were up for grabs.

“We were robbed in the elections. But let’s not relax. Instead, let’s work harder to win convincingly in the next local government election (2026),” said Zuma.

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Source: https://www.msn.com/en-za/news/other/zuma-calls-out-snakes-in-ramaphosa-s-anc/ar-BB1nUnte?ocid=msedgntp&pc=U531&cvid=088f4af1e507423f9134846d16bbcf2a&ei=8

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