The Only Good Jew is a Dead one: Professor Noel Ignatiev – My Answer to someone

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[Someone wrote to me, I won't say who, saying they are suspicious of me making the statement that: The only good Jew is a Dead one. Here was my reply. Jan]

I was pushing it. Given the things he’s said about our race, I don’t see why I can’t say something back. He openly called for our extermination. Why should one of us not respond?

If one has to sit back quietly all the time when your enemy can say ANYTHING that is utterly sheep-like as well. An enemy must be met with will.

I used to always openly say that: The only good communist is a DEAD ONE, and I never made any bones about it. I’ve said that openly for years. So why can’t I say it about a Jew? Especially a Jew who openly, in our faces, tells us that our entire race should be destroyed? Who is HE to be able to say such a thing in the first place?

An enemy is an enemy. That SOB was incredibly lucky to live in a (formerly) white TOLERANT society that allowed him to say that kind of stuff.

Also, Jews are constantly playing with your mind and testing you. Lenin once said something about probing an enemy, and if he meets with mush, he pushes further on, but if he meets resistance he stops.

There is a MIND GAME that goes on between groups of people. It is important to play that mind game correctly.

There is more to this than meets the eye. Alex Linder has a pretty good idea of how to play the psy war game, and I like him a lot for it. But even he does not fully grasp it. The ONLY person I’ve ever met who truly grasps the game is Dr Peter Hammond the Christian. He has travelled the world. He also grew up in Rhodesia. Peter Hammond is the only man I know, who truly understands the game. He told me things he learned from visits to Eastern Europe. I told him what I had put together, and the two of us understand the way you deal with communist scum. And the same rule applies to the Jews.

There are many other deeper issues which I’ve been thinking about, including the Lone Wolf concept, which I love; but I’ve also pondered, but not fully clarified in my mind, what tactics I should further advocate.

The more I observe and study the Jews, the more convinced I am that they “test” our minds to see how stupid and weak we are, and they press forward based on what they perceive. They are also exceptionally intolerant and aggressive and the slightest thing that upsets them and they try to destroy people.

They wage a type of terrorist psychological war on whites. This, in 95% of the cases, works perfectly for them and it goes very badly for us. However, there are also certain down sides to their methods.

I have drawn certain conclusions about the Jews and their real power versus their imagined power.

There are conclusions you’ve drawn that I agree with, like when you said that if racism was “the thing” then all Jews would be racist. That is largely true – but not completely.

Jews also make mistakes – definitely. Jews are not as sharp as people think. And there are people on our side who are more afraid of Jews than they should be.

I don’t want to say everything I’m thinking. But I will say that I firmly believe, that as a general rule of thumb, in all military affairs, going back into ancient times, that it is better to call your enemy’s bluff, than to accept his word on anything. It is better to observe him more closely, and to push him back and shunt him around. This allows you more opportunity to observe and asses him. If you are too sheep-like, then there are things you will never know.

This is why I return to the view of: Worse is better.

I also have personal experiences, and with my travels, face-to-face chats, and also my long friendships, I have formed an opinion, that the Jews do NOT have everything their way. You need to prod and probe and test so as to form an opinion of this ENEMY, because they are our prime source of betrayal and backstabbing.

Warfare is all about motion. Warfare, in all its forms, in the mind and physically, is about motion. Even as one’s enemy is beating you up, you also learn things about him.

The key is to look for weaknesses which can later be exploited, because the goal, after all is to tear him down and destroy him.

Whites are far too controlled and far too predictable, especially the Christians. This is an extremely bad approach to dealing with any enemy. An enemy must never really know your mind.

There is a fascinating quote about Hitler where someone described him as “dark” and unknowing. I think Hitler had to deliberately hide what he knew and thought, otherwise he would never have made as much progress as he did.

Napoleon, whom I consider to be on a par with Hitler in many things, once said: A man must be an exceedingly bad rascal in order to be as bad as I presume him to be.

I think these two white men, intellectual giants, knew full well, the need to play mind games. And it is apparent that both of them were very good at it. One can see it in some of the things they did.

I do not see any benefit that accrues from sitting by quietly when an enemy insults us. I think an enemy should be insulted right back. Why should one live in fear of him? Fear can be paralyzing and can lead to inaction, which is dreadful.

I think that what I said was mild compared to what the Jew said. In fact, in a future white civilization, I think that such contempt should be swiftly punished.

The Romans had a fascinating way in how they faced their enemies. They had a psychological approach that was totally win-win. They would say to their enemies: If you submit to us now, then we will go easy on you. If you resist us, we will then punish you ruthlessly. It was a fabulous, totally win-win way of approaching life. They had a confidence in themselves that we totally lack.

Our people must be keen to get into the fight. Our people must not be afraid. The people who should be afraid are our enemies. If we aren’t scaring our enemies, then we’re doing it WRONG.

Our enemies need to be wondering … when are these wild, white men going to spring a horrible, dastardly trap on us? They must be paranoid and they must live in fear. That, militarily, and politically, is the way to approach any enemy.

It is also important, to say things that others cannot and dare not say. I always do that.

I will repeat once more, that for years and years, I firmly subscribed to the view that the only good communist is a dead one, and I said so openly and I firmly believe it. That was before I realized that communism is Jewish. And given what a race of two-faced, backstabbing fiends they are, I see no reason why I should not say it. I, firmly believe it. I have made the argument that there is no such thing as a good Jew.

This is the first time I’ve said it in this way, and I think this Jewish Professor, the arrogant punk-ass that he is, definitely deserved to be referred to in this way.

Even if I have nothing, no money, no army, etc – I will always try, at every opportunity, to spit into the face of my enemy, even if all I have are words. I think to allow oneself to be controlled through fear, is a bad thing. One must have contempt for one’s enemy.

I think whites are far too quiet and far too controlled and now all kinds of scum, think they can kick us around at will. If they do not feel FEAR, then they will think they’re winning and that anything goes. They are paranoid – and rightly so – and one must give them even more sleepless nights.

If I should ever have a military force, I assure you, my enemy would not get much sleep. I would ensure that every living moment of their lives is utter hell.

Jews are constantly using psychological warfare and even a form of TERROR on us, combined with various mind games. And we are NOT playing the game back.

You CANNOT sit on the defensive all the time and expect to win. This is something that Alex Linder understands better than anyone else, and I firmly agree with him on this. This is an enormous failing of the whites in Africa.

We are extremely predictable as a race, and Christianity makes it 1000 times worse. Our enemies aren’t even afraid of us. They casually spit in our faces all the time and we all take it quietly.

They need to meet a new kind of white man, the kind they’ve not met since the time of Hitler.

Goebbels himself said that the day will come where the Jews have their lying mouths shut.

That’s the only way to speak to them. Everything else is a waste of time.

If they are not cursing you, then you’re doing it wrong. And I repeat, if your enemy is not afraid of you and losing sleep at night, then you’re doing it wrong.



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