Reader: Slow Communism is being brought to America: Communism homeowner arrested, secret UK 1940s files


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[One of my loyal supporters sent me this note. The comment also relates to a US home owner who was arrested recently. The views below are the views of one of my readers. Jan]

The reader wrote:

Communism failed because the change was too rapid and therefore identified and overcome. So Communism now is being implemented in the US legally and slowly, one step closer to the goal. This business of squatters rights is just a step forward in the process of ending the individual rights to property ownership, one of the pillars of Communism.
Have you ever noticed how serial killers can operate for decades undetected. It is amazing that there are so few of them with all that outrage you say there is about this homeowner arrested.

When I was in my teens I encountered a creep. I remembered his last name. I saw a man who was arrested a few years back. He was a rapist and murderer who operated without detection for two decades, actually longer. Now I wonder if someone like that could get away with murder for so long, and people in the 1940s could also, why aren’t more upset homeowner types secretly operating. Too many Hitchcock type movies and not enough, well u no.

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