The Greatest German & NAZI since WW2: Ernst Zundel has Died


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[My apologies for being a bit off-line. I was dealing with other things and it being Africa, you need to also know that things never go as planned. So although I got this important news 2 days ago I did not publish it.

Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel died on the weekend. I think I can rightly call him the greatest German and NAZI since WW2? Some people tell me he wasn’t really a NAZI but I find that very hard to believe. He wrote a book about Hitler and why Hitler was loved. So I find it hard to believe that he wasn’t a NAZI secretly. If anyone has info otherwise then correct me. Zundel appeared in public a lot and drew a lot of flak from the Jews. Thanks to him legendary things like the Leuchter Report came into being and also another legend, David Irving joined him as well in the fight for the truth against the Jews. And another legend, Doug Christie was his lawyer.

What really got Zundel into trouble was publishing the pamphlet: Did 6 million really die? (He was not the author of this). But by doing this, he was moving into the biggest Jewish snake pit of all – the sacred Holocaust! He was challenging whether Germans really had murdered 6 million Jews as the Jews vociferously claim. It was that determined fight where Zundel, facing the might and trickery of global Jewish power managed to forge forward and get new data into public and into the public record. Here was a man, who despite unbelievable odds facing him, managed to survive and sometimes even win against all the odds. He had dared to challenge the biggest and most sacred LIE of the Jews of modern times.

I should mention this: My personal view of the NAZIS of WW2 is this: If it were to be found that the Germans did gas/shoot or kill millions of Jews during WW2, I would simply regard it as “The greatest act of JUSTICE that we’ve seen in the last 2000 years.” But I firmly believe they did not kill 6 million, they did not even kill a million. But whatever Jews they did kill, regardless of the number, I regard it as JUSTICE! The finest example of JUSTICE we’ve seen in 2000 years! I don’t care a fig how they killed the Jews or what they did to the Jews – the Jews deserved whatever the Germans did. They were fully justified in defending themselves against a global Jewish desire to destroy Germany and to turn it into a Jewish Bolshevik communist state where Germans would be enslaved forever. My only sadness is that the Germans did NOT punish the Jews as much as they thoroughly deserved because AS ALWAYS the Jews run away and ESCAPE JUSTICE! ALWAYS!!

I find it amazing that in the end, it took a German man, living in Canada, to stand up for the honour of all Germans and Germany, using his own meagre resources. The Jews I might add also had his house burned down in Canada. (Here is an article where they pictured his house after it had been bombed. They refer to him as “a Neo-NAZI and holocaust denier”: Here was a man facing violence and all kinds of problems and he cheerfully went forward with his Canadian supporters and they stood up for the truth in a way that must have shaken Jewry to the core.

Regardless of how he struggled in court and fought back sometimes winning again and making headway, eventually he was thrown in jail in Germany. There his lawyer, the brilliant Sylvia Stolz stood up for him like a maniac, which earned her a 3 year jail sentence.

All in all, if it was not for Ernst Zundel and his fight for the truth then a great many steps forward in uncovering the raw truth about WW2 would never have taken place. His fight from Canada, as a lone German man, kicked off a series of big events which led to others taking up the fight and themselves inspiring people.

It is sickening that Zundel went to jail in Germany. If we lived in saner times when white people could be free IN THEIR OWN SOCIETIES AND NATIONS WHICH THEY CREATED BUT ARE NOT, then I think Zundel should have been the Chancellor of Germany. A man of such determination and principle and love for his people should have been the leader instead of the filthy Polish Jewess Merkel. But we are NOT living in a sane world. We are living in a JEWISH WORLD. In this Jewish world IT IS A CRIME FOR WHITE PEOPLE TO BE WHITE AND FOR WHITE PEOPLE TO WANT TO BE THEMSELVES OR TO BE FREE. We must do our best to help CHANGE THAT!!!

I truly thought that Zundel had the character that marked him out to be a truly great German.

I think he inspired others like Sylvia. His lawyer in Canada, Christie is probably the greatest man Canada has produced in decades. I have nothing but the greatest respect for him. He also died in recent years.

The war for the TRUTH is far from over. In fact, Zundel may just have fired the biggest salvo since the end of WW2. The WAR for TRUTH and WHITE RACIAL FREEDOM is still in its infancy. We have much to live for and much to aspire to. NEVER imagine or complain that there are no heroes. There are many LIVING HEROES who have destroyed their own lives as a result of their decision to stand for the truth. But Ernst Zundel must surely be the toughest, most determined German we’ve seen since WW2. I hope there are MANY MANY MORE TO COME and that all whites will follow their lead. Sieg Heil! Heil Hitler!!

Carolyn Yeager published this awesome piece about him:ündel-died-saturday-august-5

The Daily Stormer has a really excellent article about him complete with videos and other information. If you don’t know who Ernst Zundel is, then please go and check this out:

On the website, The Ugly Truth lots of people wrote very kind things about Zundel, a true warrior of our time:

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