South Africa: The Elite/Jewish/Liberal war fails: 8th vote of no confident in President Zuma FAILS!


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[Just a quick note: The Liberal/Elite scum media said that they needed 50 ANC MP’s to change sides and then President Zuma could be removed by parliament. But they only got 30 ANC MP’s to vote with the Liberal enemy. So Zuma survived. This is the 8th vote of no confidence in him.

Different media have different counts. Some say this is the 6th vote of no confidence and other say its the 8th.

The Jews & Liberals lost their main puppet after Mandela, who was President Mbeki by 2009 when Zuma, against all the odds survived. Zuma has consistently outwitted the Jews and Elite and Liberal garbage.

I think Zuma is our South African Robert Mugabe. He’s a Zulu and he’s going to be tough to unseat. I think he’s too cunning for them. This guy has been BEATING THE ODDS for about 10+ years non-stop.

The Rand fell against the US Dollar today after the vote. So that should tell you where the Jewish/Elite global money has been hedging its bets.

I did warn yesterday that I did not think he’d be taken down. The blacks may have their weaknesses, but the blacks have been thoroughly educated in the art of political trickery and deception by the commies/Jews/Liberals for DECADES against the whites. Now the blacks are able to outwit the Liberals and Jews too. The blacks know the game.

The South African parliament is like a clown show. A circus. I don’t waste my time studying their games. Its the sick end result of the Jews/Liberals/Commies – scum all of them – in their war against the whites of South Africa. Now the whites sit powerless and the blacks are running rampant. But the blacks are now also amazingly free of the Liberals and Jews except for when there are economic/banking ramifications.

I have my own views on the way forward for the whites. I’ll look at doing a short video on this. But I see white unity as the only hope we have. All this other stuff is a total waste of time.

I should mention that today there were quite a stack of protests and strikes all over the country. This is also a very self-destructive habit that the commies/Jews/Liberals taught the blacks. I don’t care a fig about what they get up to. Whites never strike and never protest and never tear the country down. I think though the day must come when we whites say: Enough is enough and we stand up for ourselves. But we are NOT a part of this Jewish-British creation called: South Africa. We never created it. We just made the best of a bad situation by hijacking it for a time (Apartheid) for our own survival. But since the traitor FW De Klerk, we’ve lost control of this Jewish-British invention. I don’t think our future lies in this concerning ourselves with black madness and insanity. Jan]

Here are some News stories from South’s rubbish mass media about the events today:


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