Filthy disgusting scum: Knife in Trump’s back: House impeaches Trump for second time – My Comments

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[I find it amazing that with just a few days to go, that the filthy disgusting scum in Congress see fit to impeach Trump! He did nothing wrong! He won the damned election! You don't have to be a Trump supporter in order to know the difference between right and wrong. HE WON THE ELECTION. Now all the filth in congress, at the instigation of the filthy, White-hating, Democrats, along with spineless weaklings among the GOP are knifing Trump in the back. It's like kicking someone who is down. The whole affair is just disgusting. I find myself hardly believing what I'm reading, to be honest. Jan]

With last week’s attack on Congress ringing as a battle cry, the House voted Tuesday to impeach President Trump for the second time in his four-year tenure, accusing him of inciting an insurrection.

Ten Republicans joined all the chamber’s Democrats, a slight but significant show of bipartisanship that Democrats said signals Mr. Trump’s hold on American politics is slipping.

Only the fourth successful impeachment in history, it comes just a week before the president is slated to leave office anyway.

Republicans said that looming departure was reason to skip the spanking and let him slip into retirement. Democrats countered that Mr. Trump is capable of untold mayhem with seven more days in office.

“Every second this president remains in office is a danger to this country and the world,” said Rep. James McGovern, Massachusetts Democrat. “We have no idea what he is capable of doing — whether he will pardon these terrorists, whether he will go to war.”

The 232-197 vote marks the highest total ever for impeachment of a president, topping Mr. Trump’s 2019 votes and that of Presidents Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. It was also the most bipartisan impeachment in history.

What happens next is unclear.

The Senate signaled it wouldn’t begin a trial until next week — just as President-elect Joseph R. Biden is being sworn in and Mr. Trump is being ushered out. There are legal questions as to whether a trial could even be held in such a case.

A trial would also last weeks, senators suggested, which would leave the Senate tied up just as it should be working to confirm Mr. Biden’s Cabinet and get a start on his agenda.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, signed the impeachment resolution Wednesday evening but hadn’t said when she would transmit it to the Senate.

The single article of impeachment connected Mr. Trump’s two-month defiance of the election results and his words last week at a rally with supporters to the assault on the Capitol that came just an hour after his speech.


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