The British East India company (owned by Jews) & Indians disputing the (White) Aryan Invasion

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[This is a note from one of my supporters, Raymond, confirming some of what I've observed and found out. He confirms what I say, but he also adds in the stuff about the British East India company and the role of the Jews. Among the Indians there's the huge issue of a time when the British starved large numbers to death. I don't know what role the Jews played in this. Jan]

Raymond wrote:
I was aware of this about four decades ago. The Marxists have managed to get control of the Indian education system. The Indians preach that the Aryans did not invade India, AND, that they were ever called Aryans. They rant on about Britain feeding off India. They are totally oblivious to the historical fact that the East India company was not White, Whites were just the expendable trash that did ALL of the work in running things like the trading ships and the military. They are totally ignorant of the fact that the said company was the property of jews. Jews such as Clive of India.

I so much wish that I had the money back in earlier times to buy the books I had borrowed from the library.

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