[This is doing the rounds among Christians. Jan]

Hi xxx,

Thanks for your info about the propaganda TV-series THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. I didn’t know about it. You learn all the time. You are very perceptive indeed! Mind boggling really! I agree with all you say completely. Incidentally, I noted the theme song for the TV-series was ‘Edelweiss’ from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘The Sound of Music.’ It is all about a love story and German myth about the ‘edelweiss flower’ to illustrate in propaganda terms how the American public is like a woman in a romantic relationship, who has lost her first love, vision, passion and marriage. Yet who doesn’t realize it, and is deceived into believing she is still living in a prosperous, dreamworld of love, happiness and bliss, while totally unaware it is all over. In spiritual terms, the huge prosperity and wealth given her by her forefathers’ faithfulness to God, has been squandered and compromised by her consummate unfaithfulness, evil, immorality, corruption, decadency and apostasy – while almost the entire nation is naively unaware that they are soon to be taken over by a foreign power and judged commensurately.

A similar theme song was also used in the propaganda Amerika miniseries titled, ‘DEEP IN DECEMBER’ to remind the audience that happier times could be attained only if they could forget the Christianity of the past and readjust to the new socialiat brotherhood and tyranny. (AMERIKA Part ONE from 9:50 onwards).

However, much more importantly. Are you aware that Satanist ‘Lady Gaga’ is proposed to sing the US NATIONAL ANTHEM at Joe Biden’s inauguration in Washington D.C. this week.

The significance of this, as you can imagine, is immense.

In case there is any doubt. Here is a copy of Lady Gaga’s latest Satanic song and video, actually worshipping Satan, masquerading as Judas Iscariot, while blaspheming Jesus Christ:

Now if the American nation, and especially the Christian churches, [indeed the whole world] sit back and allow this outrageous abomination to go ahead without any murmur or word of complaint, one can only surmise that your/our divine judgment is but a breath away.

I encourage you all to share this email with others.
The world’s day of reckoning is fast approaching

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