Russia’s latest threats of invading Ukraine – My Analysis of Russia, China – War and idiotic Biden


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This is my quick set of thoughts on what the hell is going on. There’s nothing to be worried about. The real issue is the idiocy and weakness of Biden that’s being exploited.

My thoughts:
How strong is the mighty Jewish-Chinese super power? They might be a lot better now than before, but even in their last war, they were pretty dreadful. See below. I remain firm in my view that China doesn’t amount to much. Don’t worry about China. China could NOT even invade Canada actually, nor even Australia. Both would give China a good beating second to none. The only hope China would have is to nuke an opponent beforehand. There’s no way China would touch Taiwan with a barge pole. An amphibious invasion is exceptionally tricky. It’s like I’ve said before – much ado about nothing. Total crap. I see there is a new "threat" from Putin on the Ukraine. I think all these weird threats are really the result of BIDEN as President. I think the top enemies of America, Russia and China are having a lot of fun exploiting Biden and perhaps gaining some points behind the scenes. None of these are real threats actually. Storms in a teacup. They mean nothing. China’s real strategic situation is actually bad, and it’s own neighbours actually can give it a hard time. I cannot see that China can go far. I do see that China is looking for a port down the West coast of Africa. Let them get one. It means nothing. I wish we Whites could get our own act together. We would be a small, but significant power I tell you, even if China tried to make moves in Africa. I really think Jews have totally confused the world, except for the military forces. Most everything that is published, and all analyses, are just mostly garbage especially with regard to wars.

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