Jewish Super Power China is useless – Other Asians are better troops

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How good are Whites? What chance do we stand in the 21st century? Well here are some additional thoughts.

I did a bit of a quick analysis to see how good the Chinese are as troops. I did a bit of digging and looked at actual border clashes between India and China in 2020 where troops were killed. I would say that Indians troops are about twice as good as the Chinese. So that is an assessment of the modern, super-excellent, super-duper Chinese versus the modern Indians. The average Indian soldier is at least 2x as good as the same Chinese soldier. So that is not good news for the Chinese.

When the Chinese fought the Vietnamese in 1979, they were mostly fighting MILITIA!!! And the Vietnamese were almost a match for the Chinese. So they had not even really fought the best of the Vietnamese.

Plus, we’ve not even discussed the Japanese… The Japanese are so high quality, they would wipe the floor with the Chinese.

Truly, China is much ado about nothing.

Read this comment from what appears to be an Asian on Youtube. I thought this was a pretty good comment. It relates to the 1979 war with Vietnam and general comments about the Chinese as warriors in history. Notice how he even regards the West as always standing together:-

It was a wake up call for the Chinese military. The Chinese have overhauled their military right after. Note, The Chinese army had not even met the Regular Vietnamese army yet, only the local militias. Here is the funny thing, most of my Chinese friends think the Chinese won the war. I didn’t care to dispute. When was the last time China won any war?? Russia, Japan, England …. and if I am not mistaken, the last dynasty of china is Mongolian who forced chinese men to shaved their heads and wear the long ponytails. I once told my chinese friend that "Why are you so proud of beating the vietnam, it just like United States beating Cuba, a man beating kid consider how large and big china is. History shows that any time china got stronger, china always harasses its neighbors…. I mean ALWAYS … Why do you think the West is stronger? They stick together. Not a smart move harassing Vietnam, korea, japan, philippine, india, malaysia ….. Why do you think Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan don’t want to be a part of china???? especially Tibet …. and the Chinese are always looking down on anyone… have no respect for anyone…. does anyone wanna be China friend??? good luck. Please leave Vietnam alone.

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