S.African Ambassador threatens USA with war in (communist) Venezuela… and then retracts his threat! – My Analysis


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[This weird story is important because in it, these black communist scum who rule South Africa give away some secrets that otherwise fool whites outside Africa.

We whites in Africa have pointed out that the Soviet Union (now Russia) was the main supplier of weapons to blacks who fought us. The USSR not only supplied the weapons but moved the blacks around, trained them, and sent Generals and military officers to guide them in their wars against us. The Chinese also assisted the blacks. Russia and China, together used to form the Communist bloc that stood against the West. But if you look more closely, you will see that this is still so right up to today!

I don’t think that most whites realise that Venezuela, like Cuba, is a communist state.

The ANC who rule South Africa were VERY CLOSELY allied with the Cubans who even sent troops into Africa to fight as proxies for the Russians. They eventually had a fully equipped military force in Angola – complete with tanks, MIGs and ground-to-air missiles. They had a modern army with which they fought against the whites and blacks.

Look at the above photo of the Venezuelan politicians. There you see the bright red of the communists as well as the Soviet Union’s hammer and sickle! These are communists. The Soviet Union and China told the blacks and others whom they sponsored, that they MUST stick to communism once they come to power. That was a firm condition. None of the blacks in southern Africa have gone back on this promise – ever.

Let me show you another communist slogan I’ve come across in Africa. Look at the slogan below. It reads “A lucha continua”. This is Spanish for “The Struggle continues”. This is from Venezuela.

Now look at this image below from the 1976 Soweto riots here in South Africa and it has the slogan “A luta continua”. That is Portuguese for “The Struggle Continues”. Also look above, at how Chavez is dressed, almost as a mirror image of Julius Malema of South Africa … the blood red of communism!


The African Communist is the journal for the South African Communist Party (the 2nd oldest communist party in the world, and the first one formed outside of Russia). Look at some of its covers below. On this one below you can see Nelson Mandela doing his black power salute. Notice the Soviet hammer and sickle.

The one below shows the Jew Karl Marx, the inventor of communism and the plan for communism in South Africa:

Now look at this partial copy of the front cover of an African Communist issue and you’ll see “A Luta Continua” on there – The Struggle Continues! It says “After the elections”. This might even be a copy from 1994, because the goal in South Africa was a 2 phase revolution. In phase 1 the blacks get political power. In phase 2, they seize “economic power” – meaning businesses, mines, farms, etc – which is what this land seizure is really about.

So now that you have all this background, now let’s turn to the statements of the South African Ambassador to Venezuela. He is saying that if the USA tries to crush Venezuela, that South Africa would send its troops there! The website, The Daily Maverick, which is Liberal, and from which this article comes, finds it hard to believe that these statements are real and serious. But in fact, they are. Why? Because Communists ALWAYS stick together. The South Africans would try to help the Venezuelans if they could because they in their turn owe a LOT to Cuba which played a MASSIVE ROLE in helping them to survive in Africa. ALL the black “Liberation movements” WERE COMMUNIST and they FOUGHT TOGETHER! The Rhodesians for example intercepted ANC along with Rhodesian terrorists like ZANLA (Chinese trained) and ZIPRA (Soviet trained). The Rhodesian army often killed ANC who were coming through with ZANLA or ZIPRA. I’m sure the Portuguese also killed ANC as well as Rhodesian terrorists if they came across them and ditto for the South African Army, they would have killed ANC as well as any others that affected the rest of us whites. So the “Liberation wars” in Africa were totally RACIAL & IDEOLOGICAL. The whites all fought on one side in support of each other and the black communists with some of their Jewish masters like Joe Slovo did the same. These communists all stuck together at all times. They all fought in support of each other always. Therefore, the statement by the South African Ambassador is totally correct and totally within the framework of the past.

Nelson Mandela himself REFUSED American pressure to break with the Cuban communists. He never backtracked on that. The Cuban communists played a massive role in spreading communism into Latin and South America.

More importantly, here’s a particularly important sentence from the article: Nkosi also said that a few days earlier the US had pretended to be friends of Russia, which it was not. The US had also tried to make friends with China, while it was not a friend of China.

Notice here, the ambassador stating clearly that the USA is NOT friends with Russia and its NOT friends with China. This should show you that the old Communist bloc of Russia and China STILL EXISTS (regardless of the so-called collapse of the Soviet Union). The Russia+China bloc is the anti-Western bloc that the Jews have set up. Putin himself was in the KGB and he yearns for the old Soviet Union. I think that Russia and China are the powers that the Jews are keeping in their pockets for use against the white race globally. You will always see the Jews coming out in support of black communists in South Africa, just as the ADL and SPLC have done due to Trump’s Tweets about South Africa’s farm murders and land seizure! Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Jews in America are defending their black communist (possibly even a conversion to Judaism), Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Jews, in my opinion, have gone out of their way to protect communism in Cuba and to see to it that the USA does not smash it. So just be aware that the old communist network is very much alive. In fact, the KGB defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted this in about 1984 in his book “New Lies for Old”. He predicted that communism would “collapse” but that the communists would still exist. They would take on new names but the network would continue as before with its hostility to the USA and the Western world.

Keep these things in mind when you read this Liberal article about the South African ambassador and his subsequent “official apology” to the USA. Do NOT underestimate the determination of these black communists to assist their other communist pals either overtly or covertly. I don’t think this black was just shooting his mouth off. I think he is serious in his support of these Venezuelan communists. South Africa could assist Venezuela COVERTLY if wished. So don’t discount that possibility.

Finally, this threat by this black ambassador should serve as a warning to whites that (a) The ANC Govt of South Africa is secretly against the USA & the West (b) That Russia and China could easily supply weapons to the blacks in South Africa if they felt they were under threat from the West – just as the communists supplied weapons to Angola and Mozambique during their long wars. And rest assured the Jews would help these blacks against the whites. Here are all the pieces of the puzzle that affects our future. Jan]

Pretoria’s man in Caracas has retracted his offer to help Venezuela fight off a feared American invasion.

Uncle Sam must be immensely relieved. South Africa’s ambassador to Venezuela has eventually retracted his offer to send the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to help Venezuela fight off a putative invasion by the United States.

Ambassador Joseph Nkosi has also officially apologised for his threat, a South African government spokesperson said.

Nkosi made his generous offer to the floundering Venezuelan government during a speech in Valencia, commercial capital of the country, at a diplomatic event to honour former President Nelson Mandela on the 18 July, 2018 centenary of his birth.

Nkosi “expressed his support to the national (Venezuelan) government against the economic blockade imposed by the US and the European Union”, local journal El Carabobeño reported at the time.

According to Nkosi, the Americans were imposing the same sort of economic blockade on Venezuela as they had on Cuba, El Carabobeño wrote.

“We have always fought against this blockade. We are going to support them, we are not going to let them die alone,” the journal reported Nkosi as saying.

“If it is necessary that we bring our soldiers to fight against the Americans we will do it, we cannot allow ourselves to be dominated by the American administration,” Nkosi added, according to El Carabobeño.

Nkosi also said that a few days earlier the US had pretended to be friends of Russia, which it was not. The US had also tried to make friends with China, while it was not a friend of China.

“The days of the US dominating the world are numbered,” Nkosi declared, according to El Carabobeño.

The journal added that Nkosi had also asked the government of the state of Carabobo, where he was speaking, to erect a monument to Mandela. The general secretary of the Carabobo state government, had agreed to do this, as a mark of the unity between Venezuela and South Africa.

On Thursday, Ndivhuwo Mabaya, spokesperson for International Relations and Co-operation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, said Nkosi had apologised for and retracted his offer of military support to Venezuela.34

“It is not government policy. The DG (Director-General of International Relations and Co-operation Kgabo Mahoai) wrote to him that it cannot be done.”

Nkosi’s offer of military support to the Venezuelan government which is facing growing public resistance after years of economic decline, drew largely sceptical reaction from the readers of El Carobobeno.

Leonardo De Farias said: “Can you imagine that South Africa is going to put its money, blood, logistics, men and war machines in another continent? So for that little *ssh*le, how easy it is to talk.”

Rodolfo Rodriguez Rios chimed in.

“An ambassador has no authority to put the army of his country in the service of another. If this news is true, that ambassador will be dismissed within a few days,” Rios claimed.

Jorge Olivieri had perhaps the most pertinent comment.

“If Mandela had been Venezuelan, he would have been suffering, again, in his own flesh, to defend civil rights and respect for the Constitution of the Venezuelan citizen. And if they had made him a prisoner, he would still have fought for freedom and justice. Who is our enemy?” DM

Source: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2018-08-17-washington-can-sleep-easy-again-sa-envoy-calls-off-plans-for-military-action-against-us/

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