SA’s MOST JEWISH POLITICAL PARTY: DA: The anti-White Communist Jewess Helen Zille beats the blacks


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[The loud-mouthed Communist Jewess, Helen Zille, who fakes it as a “White Christian” won the top job in the DA. I'm not sure if the Jews had to rig the process, or how they did it, but their political party was tearing apart and falling apart at the seams.

So, White Americans, let this be a lesson to you that JEWISH LIBERALISM will tear apart easily. Ergo, I say: WORSE IS BETTER!!! We whites must just push forward as hard as we can for white, global, racial unity – SUPER RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS – because when things become even very slightly tougher, the whole Jewish Liberal paradigm will just be torn apart easily.
It's all just Jewish nonsense. Ignore it. Read Mein Kampf and stuff Hitler and the NAZIs. Learn something that is solid and sound as opposed to Jewish garbage, that masquerades as intellectualism. Phooey. Jan]

Former DA leader Helen Zille has successfully made a spectacular return to the higher echelons of the party after she was voted the Federal Council chairperson of the party on Sunday.

The position is the second most powerful in the party following that of Federal leader Mmusi Maimane.

Zille, who entered the race to replace James Selfe early this month, successfully beat Athol Trollip, Thomas Walters and Mike Waters who were also vying for the position.

Her win could spell trouble for Maimane who has made it clear that her win would most likely take the DA backwards undoing all the non-racialism rationale that he has been pushing in the party since 2015.

During her month-long campaigning, Zille has maintained that the DA has not been doing well since the local government elections in 2016 but tried to dispel the notion that she would go after Maimane.

She said: “I will prioritise supporting the leadership and getting the systems, structures and processes working well together.

“We made excellent progress up to the 2016 local elections. We have had a rocky road since then”.


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