S.Africa: 90% of farms given to blacks FAIL – Land 1.5x the size of Switzerland already given to blacks!


[Here is an article from a formerly “conservative” newspaper in South Africa. Here they come up with all kinds of pathetic excuses as to why these farms fail. What they continuously fail to mention (lying by omission), is that ALL the farms they give to the blacks are bought lock, stock and barrel. The farms are 100% fully functioning and often they are in truly great shape. The blacks get everything. I don’t know of any “empty” farms given to blacks. They buy the farm, with everything and hand it over to the blacks. It then falls apart.

They have already given the blacks a land area 1.5x the size of Switzerland and 90% of it has failed. There is no excuse for this black failure except that the blacks are useless or disinterested for whatever reason.

Furthermore, since there are so many failed farms, why don’t they fix the failed farms before rushing off to get more white farms? The answer my friends is a fiendish communist agenda. There is no logical reason or necessity for this. These black scumbags who run this country are out to get the whites for some reason – which we will yet figure out. I might have a theory. Jan]

What’s the point of land reform when the farms in question soon become unproductive, according to a nonprofit in the sector.

Although more than eight million hectares of land have been transferred to black farmers in land claims, a large portion of this is unusable and no longer economically active.

Speaking to The Citizen, chief executive officer of Vumelane Advisory Trust Peter Setou said it was concerning that a large part of claimed land was not productive, leading to a huge challenge in land reform.

Vumelane is a non-profit organisation that assists beneficiaries of land reform to make land more productive. He said that by 2010, at least 90% of the transferred land was not usable.

“That is over one and a half times bigger than Switzerland. A substantial part of that hectarage is actually not productive.

“That is something we need to address to make sure we can make it productive,” he said. But for land to be productive, farmers immediately required post-settlement support from government.

However, there have been delays between the department of rural development and land reform as well as the department of agriculture, says senior manager and economist at African Farmers’ Association of South Africa Thamaga Malapane.

“It seems the two departments are not talking to each other because. after getting land, the farmers still have to wait. It is only three or four years later that they get post-settlement support, but the land or properties are already vandalised or rusty by then.

“Then they have to start from scratch to make it productive,” Malapane said.

A partnership between farmers and the private sector could be the quickest solution to addressing challenges in the land reform space, Setou said. Speaking of the land summit last week in Limpopo, he said the event showed there were various successful methods by the private sector.

“There is ample proof that the private sector is willing to play in this space. There is exciting evidence that the private sector is more than ready to play a role in successful land reform.

“South Africans are very optimistic. I am hopeful and confident we can deal with the challenges we face.”


Source: https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/2000477/why-land-transferred-to-black-farmers-goes-to-wrack-and-ruin/

One thought on “S.Africa: 90% of farms given to blacks FAIL – Land 1.5x the size of Switzerland already given to blacks!

  • 2nd September 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot to see worldwide huge front page news articles about how expropiating black farmers were being slaughtered by some unknowns and left butchered in their beds, buildings burned, animals slaughtered, crops burned, just like what is happening to the white farmers. The cry from the jews media would reach to the heavens.
    Payback would be a bitch Malema and Ramphosa, who are on now their knees servicing their jew masters. Who knows, maybe their heads will be on a pike someday,along with their (((masters))), we can only hope an pray. Heil Hitler!


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