Video & Audio: Top Communist Jew: Ronnie Kasrils: Anti-White Treasonous Jews at their finest – Full Discussion


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Here is the full discussion that took place on 25th January 2020 at a house here in Johannesburg where Kasrils came to talk about his 3rd book, his latest book. He talks about memoirs and mentions some of his career, as well as what caused him, as a Jewish boy, growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, to turn on Apartheid. He mentions the supposed German holocaust of the Jews and explains why Jews saw Apartheid as being similar to NAZISM in Germany. He talks about “hundreds” of whites who “joined the struggle” against Apartheid. What he does not mention is that the vast majority of them were Jews.

In this discussion I also asked him a question about Dr Verwoerd and Nelson Mandela. In his lengthy discussion he even volunteers additional information about Pratt, the Englishman who went and shot the Prime Minister, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd in the face. He explains that Pratt was well known to the Jewish community. He mentioned a number of interesting things in his reply to me.

I discuss many things that he mentions, including the murder of the Afrikaans play girl, Bubbles Schroeder, who was last seen in the company of 3 Jewish men before she died. This is an “unsolved” case.

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