Reader: About the Australian Brendan O’Connell on the run from Jews & the Australian Govt


[A reader sent me this. I've watched one of his videos. However, this additional info is interesting. I'm not sure why he says that O'Connell's methos are a FAILURE! Jan]

Brendan O’Connell

Study Carefully what Brendan O’Connell did and was given 3 years in prison for they wanted to give him 14 YEARS – SERIOUSLY He was assaulted in Prison – He thinks they killed his Sister Now here is another Case In the crux of it he insulted someone jewish I like his work on the hight tech sector but his approach is a FAILURE This … Case This Kiwi was Body Guard for the then Jewish Prime Minister John Key in Afghanistan He served in Combat He was arrested in Aus by 6 armed people held in Solitary Assaulted in Prison (so he says) He was never charged He was deported under new character laws for associating with a Naughty Bikie Gang SO WHAT IS THE LAW ? and HOW IS IT APPLIED ? SEE IT CHANGES FROM DAY TO DAY – FROM WEEK TO WEEK Ko Haapu says his head was smashed into a window by guards when he was held in a Perth prison for four-and-a-half months For the Record Maories are really good soldiers mostly I think he is BS Anyway I think Ko Haapu is full of sh8t I think he got turned Capiche> Good stuff on there The Law in Australia is what ever they choose it to be depending on what their agenda is and who they want to DESTROY or PROTECT Perth is the same place Connell comes from Do you get why anyone in Aus wants nothing to do with any of this HATE SPEECH CRAP

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