Pic: Hitler looking threadbare, worn, like a regular guy…


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National Vanguard
This is an excellent American White Racial Website and organisation. This comes from the work of the late Great Dr William Pierce

[I scanned this photo from a beautiful book my American host had of the Berghof, in German. There were stacks of photos I had never seen before. What I really liked about this photo is Hitler looking a bit threadbare and possibly occupied mentally in other ways. My host was saying “Hitler looks like a regular guy”. And notice his clothing is a bit threadbare.

I like this photo a lot. Jan]

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Black lies from 2006: Zimbabwe: Only 200 White Farmers paid of 4,000 Rest paid in 2010? Oh Yeah?
I posted this in 2006. The Blacks had stolen 4,000 farms out of the 5,000 that were there. They lied about paying the White Farmers. You can read my skepticism and the news from 2006.

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