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[This is excellent. Jan]

[The world has been so screwed up by Jewish thinking and Jewish values that a criminal does more justice than all the judges and attorneys. The Roman Army executed homosexuals. Pedophiles are far worse then homos and here we are accepting all this as if this is normal. Pedos up to our eye-balls across the English-speaking white world.

And these bastards, who are pedos are so confident of themselves. I'm really glad this white guy put an end to them, because its sickening that “THE SYSTEM” is unable to do these things.

There was one crime story I once watched, where a man murdered women, white women, after he married them. He did it to collect on their insurance. He was later caught and boasted about it in prison. The criminals were so incensed by his crimes, that they gagged him and threw him off the top of the prison building. Nobody was convicted or found guilty. I think the Prison guards themselves must have hi-fived the criminals. Everyone knew that this man was a piece of shit. He would marry white women and murder them shortly thereafter. He threw one of his wives off a cliff. I believe in a sense of justice.

Jews are the ones enabling all sorts of weird and creepy crimes which the Jews themselves tap into and use against whites. e.g. the mass of pedophilia in the UK, USA, etc. We need to return to LAW, and proper legal systems THE WAYS WHITES USED TO DO IT. Jan]

A prison inmate in California who is serving a life sentence for a conviction of murder in 2009, took the lives of two prisoners who were also serving life sentences for their sexual assaults of a child under the age of 14. According to the inmate, he believed he was doing “everybody a favor.”

Jonathan Watson, 41, penned a letter to a Bay Area News Group in Northern California in which he confessed that he had clubbed both men in the head at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran on January 16.

David Bobb, 48, and Graham De Luis-Conti, 62, were serving life sentences for aggravated sexual assault of a child under the age of 14.

Bobb died the day of the attack, while De Luis-Conti died three days later at a hospital.

Days before the attack, he said his security classification was changed and he was transferred from a single-person cell to a lower-security dormitory pod at the Central Valley facility. Watson called the switch a “careless” mistake and said he had protested the decision.

Watson wrote that six days after he arrived at the prison, a child molester moved into the pod. Watson believed the man began taunting other inmates by watching children’s television programming. Watson said in the letter he couldn’t sleep that night “having not done what every instinct told me I should’ve done right then and there.”

Two hours before the attacks the next day, Watson told a prison counselor that he urgently needed to be transferred back to higher-level security “before I really (expletive) one of these dudes up,” but the counselor “scoffed and dismissed” him.

Watson said he returned to his housing pod.

“I was mulling it all over when along came Molester #1 and he put his TV right on PBS Kids again,” he wrote, according to the newspaper chain. “But this time, someone else said something to the effect of ‘Is this guy really going to watch this right in front of us?’ and I recall saying, ‘I got this.’ And I picked up the cane and went to work on him.”

Though he immediately went to turn himself in, he also claims that he saw “a known child trafficker, and I figured I’d just do everybody a favor. In for a penny, in for a pound.”

Watson then reported what he had done to a guard, who didn’t believe him “until he looked around the corner and saw the mess I’d left in the dorm area,” Watson wrote.

Interestingly enough, Watson has not been charged despite confessing to the murders.

“Being a lifer, I’m in a unique position where I sometimes have access to these people and I have so little to lose,” Watson wrote. “And trust me, we get it, these people are every parents’ worst nightmare.”

I’m sure he does.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know of anyone that will miss either Mr. Bobb or Mr. De Luis-Conti and now they both are before the Judge of all men. However, while there is something inside of us that believes the men had coming to them what they had coming, I wonder why the state won’t simply do the deed in the open and teach everyone a lesson.

If they did, they would have put Mr. Watson six feet under and shortly thereafter, they would have put Bobb and De Luis-Conti right alongside him.

If this was done publicly by the community as a whole, exercising justice, they not only would have justice, but they would teach the people to fear to commit the same crimes.

Unfortunately, the people desire more mercy for the criminals than their victims and so their property is taxed to keep these people up with food, clothing and housing till the day they die.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Source: https://thewashingtonstandard.com/california-prison-inmate-murders-2-convicted-pedophiles-figured-id-do-everybody-a-favor/

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