Advertising for my Website? – Any reliable worthwhile Advertising providers? Alternatives to Google Adsense?

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2004: White separatism on the increase in S.Africa My Comments
Back in 2004 I posted this article about Orania with my comments. You‘ll see back then I was advocating secession and a White‘s only state.

I tried Google Adsense back in 2008 on the advice of a South African and until 2013, it generated a small but useful income for my sites. However, Jewish censorship caused it to become worthless from 2014 onwards until it even banned me about 2 or 3 years ago. Worthless scum.

I am waiting and wondering when will we find advertising providers for websites who will publish content on websites like mine AND pay you a decent fee? Do such advertisers exist yet?

If not, I do think within 10 years or less we will get to such a stage.

I would like to see replacements for Google Adsense.

If anyone knows of any decent advertisers who are honest and would pay for adverts then I might be interested.

I am NOT INTERESTED IN PAID CONTENT. I did it a few times years ago but I think its unethical actually. I disapprove of an info-mercial.

Instead I would rather just run a straight advert for an advertiser.

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