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[Yes, Global Warming and Climate Change is just more Jewish crap. This is just an excuse to fool Western Countries to change their economics. It's a scam. Jan]

By Ron Ross

The dose makes the poison…. All things are poison and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone is the thing that makes it not a poison.

—Paracelsus, 1493–1541, credited with being the father of toxicology. Climate alarmists play the "hide the magnitude" game. If they didn’t, they would soon be out of business.

Politely ask a few of your friends how much of the air they’re breathing is CO2. I’ve done that, and the typical answer, when I can get one, is twenty percent or more. (Most people have no idea and would rather not guess.)

Climate alarmists rarely talk about the actual quantitative composition of our atmosphere. The impression they give is that (1) a substantial part of the air that surrounds us comprises carbon dioxide; (2) that the proportion of carbon dioxide is increasing rapidly; (3) that the increase is primarily the result of human activity, mostly from burning fossil fuels; and (4) that if CO2 continues to increase, it’s game over for humanity. Recently, the rhetoric has escalated from "climate crisis" to "climate emergency."

The actual magnitude tells a very different story. Carbon dioxide constitutes four one-hundredths of one percent of the air we breathe (or 400 parts per million). That is an extremely tiny fraction of the atmosphere.

What constitutes the rest of the air around us? Seventy-eight percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21 percent is oxygen, 0.9 percent is argon, and 0.1 percent is other gases. CO2 is .04%. The other gases include methane (0.00017 percent); nitrous oxide (0.00003 percent); and water vapor, which varies from 0 to 4 percent.

How can such a small magnitude of CO2 be dooming humanity? Furthermore, how can climate change alarmists be absolutely, positively certain that if CO2 continues to increase, it will be lights out for life on Earth?

During the Cambrian period 500 million years ago, CO2 constituted over 5,000 parts per million or .5% of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is also the level that is maintained on US submarines. Then, 150 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, CO2 was 1,700 parts per million, more than four times what it is now. Life thrived during those periods.

How can 400 parts per million be a threat to our existence? Before humans started burning fossil fuels about 200 years ago, CO2 made up 250 parts per million of our atmosphere. It has been growing at about one part per million per year for the past 150 years. In other words, a very small magnitude is growing at a very slow rate. Is there any reason that rate will accelerate when it hasn’t in a century and a half?

The catastrophists have not been asked to explain because they have successfully suppressed widespread awareness of the magnitude of CO2 in the atmosphere. If more people were aware of the actual percentage, there would be far less global warming panic. More people would stop listening to the doomsayers.

Consensus is not a scientific term. In fact science academia hates consensus. Consensus is a political term.

The con – as glaringly absurd as can be, is that we can change the global atmosphere with taxation, by forcing people to eat bugs, by forcing them into electric cars – charged on an electric grid run by conventional energy sources – the very energy sources the globalists are trying to turn off! The globalists do not want life to thrive. They are currently engaged in shutting down everything that supports functional and thriving human systems, ranging from food to energy, and since CO2 is a real and true GREENING element for earth, they’ve invented a narrative that not only declares war upon CO2, but conveniently for them, punitively harvests money from the populace for contrived violations in their bogus rule book on "carbon emissions." Meanwhile they each fly themselves around in their own private jets, (which don’t run on rainbows by the way), and a whole slew of our wealthy politicians and so named "elites," enjoying multiple beach front properties. They know very well that sea levels are not rising!

Our world paradigm is authored and run via parasitism. WAKE UP, FOLKS!

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