Photo: The root source of pedophiles: 2 Jewish Men get married – Jew Governor in traditional Jewish ceremony – My Comments

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Expropriation Bill: The Government can seize your property without paying you for it
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[It should come as no wonder that the upper echelons of the Western world are filled with paedophiles, gays, trans and sexual deviants. I’m amazed they’ve not yet tried to legalise bestiality. But they’ve been trying that for the paedophiles. I remember, before the Internet, watching CNN and the Jew Larry King Live having NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) – basically an organisation where grown men are trying to have sex with boys. That struck me as odd and weird. But look around you … Jews are weird sexual creeps. These people are f*cked up. It is no wonder that now men walk into women’s toilets, etc. All this demented crap could only come from Jews. It’s right there in your face. These people are sick. They’re seriously sick. I miss Adolf Hitler. This is not freaking normal. And our race is definitely not this sick. But here is the root source of our sickness… right there staring right into your face. Jan]

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100 Reasons the Jew Leo Frank Is Guilty of murdering the White Girl Mary Phagan
The Jews will never stop lying about and defending the filthy Jew Leo Frank. He raped and murdered this lovely young White girl. The White Americans, to their credit LYNCHED him hanged him from a tree. It was a wonderful example of Whites hitting back.

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