IMPORTANT: Jewish censorship of Hitler and Jewish photos on my website – My Update

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I noticed many months ago that suddenly many of my Hitler and Jewish photos and cartoons were not visible on my website. It bothered me a lot but I couldn’t figure out HOW the Jews were managing to pull this off.

Then a few weeks ago, a brilliant American supporter and I were chatting and he explained something to me and I checked, and I now know what’s happening.

I will however, have to engage in a big conversion and fix at some time in the future to fix this.

I am so intensely irritated by what is happening.

In the meantime, as a temporary measure, now that I know the game the Jews are playing, I am able to upload new photos and cartoons and the Jews can’t stop this. So I’m fine.

But hundreds, maybe thousands of my old pics still aren’t displaying and that something I will need to look at in a separate exercise.

At least we’ve figured out HOW the Jews managed to pull this off on my website.

But my website is not alone. I’ve seen that there are other websites out there that are also affected. But mine is affected the most and the worst because of all the Hitler and Jew pics I put up.

The main issue is that I now know HOW they managed to do this, and I have a work-around that allows me to function for now, until I can make time in the future to fix it for once and for all.

So the good news is that it can be fixed.

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