Photo: The Finest of our race, 30 million Germans murdered by the Jewish Rothschild fiends…


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We take a scientific look at Jews. I compare their behaviour to that of parasites that live on animals. I look at the behaviour of Whites and Jews in the same was that we would study the behaviour of animals, and we look at actual film footage.

[I received this. This is a great point. I did not realise how many Germans died in 2 world wars! I would much prefer a world where Western civilisation is led by the Germans as Hitler wanted to. The Anglo-American-Jewish leadership of the Western world is a huge disaster and now we’re heading downwards into a Diversity hell. I do agree about the Jewish Rothschilds – most especially those in the UK. The Jewish Rothschilds in the UK are the most dangerous and evil Jews on the planet. France also has Jewish Rothschilds. But those British Rothschilds are seriously evil. There are things about them that I’ve not even published. They have a raw hatred for all Whites, and whether it is Germans or Boers … they were sending the British to slaughter Whites in a brutal way never seen before. It’s truly disgusting. Just today I was again looking at the murder of Napoleon by the British and was looking at some new data. Ever since the Jews came and took over Britain 300 years ago, and got the British to kill their own king, Britain has been an evil ruthless White nation like no other. But America is now the new “Britain”. America scares me. Either way, the destruction of the Germans and Hitler and the NAZIS is one of the worst disasters our race has experienced. Europe was flattened … and Jews were pushing all the forces against the Germans. Jan]

This is what I received:

[Forwarded from The Western Chauvinist (censored)]

The best and most true of our people, wiped out by jewish loxism. Betrayed by the shabos goy race traitors of other White Nations. Their memories hated and despised. A hatred that comes not from truth, but from propaganda of the real enemy of ALL the peoples of the world.

They live on through us. Through our words and our deeds, their memories will be restored to the place of honor they always should have had. Our enemies know their time is coming. Soon all will be put right.

@TheWesternChauvinist2 – Telegram

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