Excellent Reader suggestion: A Global signal for White Race war…

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[I enjoyed this suggestion by one of my readers on Bitchute! Yeah, I like the idea of whites everywhere getting stuck into the Jews and blacks on the same day, and tearing all this anti-white shit down, and putting all these racial enemies 6 feet under pronto pronto! Jan]

This is what the reader wrote:

We must come up with a universal signal so that we the whites in all our nations revolt on the same day. Broadcast this signal online, on the radio waves and elsewhere. I would recommend a simple alphanumeric sequence. Burn down all the banks, government buildings, ghettos and any other structure maintained by the system. Kill as many Jews, blacks, communists, liberals and the like as possible. If it the white revolution happens all the same time globally we will overload the system. We must certainly make sure Israel pays for what they did to Rhodesia and continue to do to white’s worldwide. What do you think of this Course of Action?

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Sometimes, even the Jews tell the truth in an odd moment! I discuss two key talents that Jews have that are often overlooked but which are important.

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