Net Neutrality hell hits early in 2018? – Or maybe its not so bad? Also Hatreon hit by banks?


[In a chat I had with Alex Linder yesterday he pointed out that many on the white right say this is not as bad as it appears to be because already we’re being censored across the social media. This is what was posted elsewhere. The bottom line, Alex and I agree, is that we whites must build our own infrastructure. In this regard Dion Wherwolf of Radio Wehrwolf has been saying the same thing for months. That we whites must build our own stuff to replace each and every one of these things these pieces of shit are taking away from us! It may be that hatreon has been hit hard. Alex says that he heard that not only did Paypal hit Hatreon but the banks may have sunk it too. I am worried about Hatreon. I had had high hopes for it. But so far, is rocking for us. Jan]

Net neutered burgers:At least three major ISPs have already announced huge price hikes for 2018 Anonymous 12/20/17 (Wed) 11:50:55

At least three major ISPs have already announced significant price hikes for 2018. News of the increases come just days after the FCC voted to roll back net neutrality protections.

The timing of this couldn’t be worse. But maybe that’s not a concern for major ISPs. Accordingly, at least three major ISPs have now announced rate hikes for 2018.

That is, January, 2018. So customers have very little time to react, modify their plans, or even cancel their accounts.

Just this morning, Karl Bode of DSLReports caught wind of numerous increases at mega-ISP Comcast. But that is simply the latest in a string of planned increases by the likes of Cox, Frontier, and even DirecTV and Dish Network.

In all cases, these are increases for essentially the same services, with Bode noting that American will be stuck paying ‘significantly more money for the same service in the new year’. In many cases, the changes are padded into existing bills, with most consumers failing to see the changes.


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