Collapsing Johannesburg, Corona Virus out of control, etc


Just a note, I’ll be posting some news and updates from the problems that have occurred here in my area. Today alone I had a 10+ hour power outage over a large area of the suburbs where I live. I continue onwards as always. These things never stop me. They slow me down only a bit, but otherwise I’m functioning.

I’ll send out some audio updates.

I have been conserving internet data this month as I’m running off a “backup” Plan B, type of setup. It works well, but I’ve been chewing up data too easily because it works so fast.

I needed to badly get some backups especially of my africancrisis site which has so many malware infections. I want to write some software to help me fix the infection. I don’t think all aspects of the infection are dangerous. I think it also put a lot of “infection” into places where it will not be detected or used – I think.

I’ve also been talking to people about the Corona virus. The only guy who has access to my site who posts using a german userid, was telling me that he read a lot of reports from Lancet, etc about the Corona virus and that its very bad.

I was telling him and South Africans that nothing would please me more than if the Corona virus goes completely out of control. It looks as if it will kill at least 100 Chinese for every 1 white or non-white outside of China. It seems to me as if the Chinese are extremely susceptible to this virus.

I’ve even wondered if this virus could have been a US bio-weapon because its effects could be so positive for the Western world. If the Corona Virus destroys Chinese businesses and smashes their work force, then it means that JOBS and BUSINESS can return to the Western World and into the hands of whites again.

Would the US Elite kill large numbers of people for the benefit of business? I have no doubt about it. Professor Quigley, who was very influential, definitely believed that business was often a critical tool in civilisation. He spoke about “the instrument of expansion”. And the “instrument of expansion” is critical. If it slows down or becomes ineffective, then the civilisation collapses. I’m convinced the US Elite set out to create an American Empire. Now the Jews are also in on the action, and so far America mostly kills for the Jews. But I am hoping that the Corona virus is as bad, or even WORSE than people predict, because it might just be a key thing that can turn things around for the Western world.

As it is, Trump was hammering the Chinese during his tenure. I don’t want to see Communist China rising. It already has too much. Jews have moved most Western industry to China. I would love to see China imploding.

I’m serious.

Here in SA, things are getting worse, and it delights me. I will tell you about some of the local things here and you’ll get a sense of how f*cked up these blacks are.

The blacks, Jews and Liberals … are FAILING BIG TIME here.

The blacks must be sunk, the Chinese must be sunk, the Jews must be sunk.

We whites have to start winning seriously. But our race still has much power, especially in science and the military.

There is no disaster or death toll large enough that will make me unhappy. I would like to see whole non-white continents denuded of people, especially Africa.

ALL OF AFRICA must be seized for the West … for our race. I firmly believe in this.

We need another continent filled with happy white men and women and tens of millions of little white babies growing up. That’s how we should be thinking.

One thought on “Collapsing Johannesburg, Corona Virus out of control, etc

  • 23rd February 2020 at 4:57 pm

    Too bad the virus is not “anti-semitic” and anti-kosher.


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