Busy with preparations for going back to court…


I’ve been busy with various preparations for going back to court next week. The postponements and the problems in the courts, are actually not bad. I will discuss this later when it’s over. There are a number of things that have been helpful for me. But it’s a real race to the finish, a fight to the finish, because neither I, nor my opponents are giving an inch. We don’t even greet each other in court. We never speak to each other. I’m standing my ground. My only concern is if things go sideways and I lose. Even if I lose, there are possible good things. But I do NOT want to lose. I’ve done my utmost, but ultimately my fate lies in the hands of the magistrate. I have a Plan B for if I lose. But I’ve done all I can with my attorney, and next week we give it our utmost. Jan.

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