Modern DNA maps and Race: Long term European race-mixing trends


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Here’s something I’ve been looking at, but I’m finding it hard to understand. So if anyone has any ideas and input I’d be grateful.

DNA is very advanced stuff, and gives us some tremendous insights into our history. But one thing I’m finding is that of course "race" is not defined as such.

The modern propaganda is that there is no such thing as "race". They pretend that race has now disappeared. But I can’t believe this. I think this is just propaganda.

There has to be a way to understand "race" if you understand DNA. You have to be able to figure out what people you are looking at, when you look at DNA maps.

If anyone ever comes across any text or videos where one can get deeper insight into DNA and what the different groups actually mean, I’d be interested.

Using DNA they can show the similarities and differences between say: French, Germans and British. While showing other aspects of say, Eastern Europeans or Scandanavians.

If you can tell Whites apart using DNA, then you can also figure out who is "White". You have to be able to work out a "DNA Definition of European" and be able to apply it.

I’ve looked at DNA maps of Europeans, and I wonder what basis they use for it.

There have to be mathematical as well as visual methods whereby you can determine "the European-ness" of people.

I have been looking quite deeply at evolution, and the theory of evolution and where DNA can take us.

In a nutshell, you can become anything. They try to use these kinds of concepts to HIDE RACE, but there have to be endless possibilities of what one can actually do.

What I was primarily interested in, initially, was to look at specific areas where Europeans used to live and where they are now gone … but what is left is the mongrelized remains of what used to be Europeans.

As I read history, there are certain thoughts that have come to mind, and I then wanted to look at the DNA maps for those areas, or for some kind of maps that can determine what those people are like, hundreds of years later … what part of their DNA is European … and that’s where I’m struggling.

There are very important, clear lessons, FROM HISTORY and FROM SCIENCE that Whites can learn, and it should be there, easy to find in MODERN SCIENCE. The answers ARE THERE, IN GREAT DETAIL, but scientists are constantly jumping around and avoiding race.

I watched for example, where a Danish Scientist was talking about Vikings, and Viking DNA and eventually saying … blah blah blah … but Vikings are a LIFESTYLE!!! However, the vikings clearly were White and were interbred with other Whites and had viking colonies in many places.

You do get certain trends in breeding that are apparent from history, and this does confuse matters. e.g. The Princes in Moscow took a liking to intermarrying with Mongol women thereby bringing some Mongolian into their upper classes.

There are many very fascinating insights that can be obtained from DNA but I don’t see anyone who is trying to actually make sense of it. You may need to have quite a bit of knowledge in order to understand it. But I think there is a MASSIVE WEALTH of extremely interesting knowledge that can come from it.

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