Malawi: Blacks drop dead, now they want millions of Vaccines: Malawi Asks for 7.6 Million Doses of Cholera Vaccine – My Comments

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The Malawi government has asked for a donation of 7.6 million doses of cholera vaccine from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Ministry of Health announced that it had used all the 2.9 million cholera vaccines it had in all health facilities in the country.

As the country continues to grapple with the outbreak, more doses of the vaccine are needed and Public Relations Officer for the ministry, Adrian Chikumbe, has confirmed to the local media that Malawi has asked for the donation.

"We have asked the World Health Organisation to help us with the vaccine and this time we have asked for 7.6 million doses. We cannot say when the doses will arrive in the country but we know that many countries have also asked for the same," explained Chikumbe.

Meanwhile, Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Reverend Brian Kamwendo, has condemned the tendency by some religious leaders of deterring their followers from receiving medical treatment and vaccines.

Kamwendo was speaking at a preparatory meeting for a crusade that will take place in June this year and he added that what such religious leaders are doing is against God’s will.

"It’s unfortunate that some religious leaders are denying their followers access to medical treatment as well as vaccines during this crucial time when we have cholera outbreak amongst us.

"We thank God that up to now, the country’s presidency has not yet reached a point of banning such churches as is the case in other countries. We are strongly saying on behalf of government that what those leaders are doing is ungodly and that is poor leadership. Religious leaders have a role to ensure good health for their followers," remarked Pastor Kamwendo.

One of the organisers of the crusade, Bishop Andrew Mankhanamba, said they will continue to encourage religious leaders to give messages of hope to their followers.

"There is need for awareness. Besides our usual areas of preaching, there is need to give out messages of hope in times like these. Outbreaks come and go," said Bishop Mankhanamba.

Records show that 881 people have died of cholera in the country.


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