Follow-Up: The Low, Low, LOW standards of White men and Women’s clothing …


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[I got this message from an
American lady I know. This was after I posted my thoughts on the
utter garbage way that Whites dress. I was also watching some TED
talks, and the Whites dress like shit. I look at scientists for
example, and it’s as if they’re all trying to be like the Jew
Einstein, who couldn’t have his hair cut and couldn’t comb his
freaking hair. Professors dress like garbage. Then I look at the
photos of Hitler’s people, and everyone was so smart. It’s
disgusting how all our standards are sinking, even basic stuff
that really requires not effort. But what is cool is to hear that
other White Americans are THINKING THE SAME! Our minds are the
same! Jan]

The American lady wrote to me:-

Interesting you mentioning clothing, Jan.

I went to what’s called “The Jet Show” in Las Vegas. I actually had a seat at the bar at the Henderson Airport.

Every single person that sat down next to me spoke of the same thing. They all said how lax people dress today. They remembered when you got dressed up in a suit to go on a flight.

When my dear father would take my mother and I to the movies, he put on a suit.

But this lax way of dressing was all completely orchestrated. Even bras were redesigned deliberately. There is nothing that happens by chance.

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