Jews in Germany want Govt to take the children away from anti-semites! – for Jewish indoctrination…

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[This story is mainly about Muslims in Germany and their kids apparently threatening Jewish kids (boo hoo)! It is of course insane that “antisemitism” should be seen as a “crime” to begin with. Jews are always getting their Jewish privileges in a big way. The entire Police, legal and school system has to accommodate this Jewish-only nonsense.

Notice how the presence of the Muslims now allows the Jews to now suddenly raise “antisemitism” in a big way and now the whites will also be punished as a result of the system having to protect the Jews from the Muslims.

So this story comes from a Police Union in Germany. But you can rest assured that there is a Jewish influence behind this. Just ask yourself a few question: Why would the Police want this? Why would a Police Union be concerned over anti-semitism? Rest assured the JEWS are at work here.

More fiendishly, why would Jews want the children taken away from their parents? The real reason can only be that the children might grow up to be NAZIs and THAT IS THE REAL FEAR OF THE JEWS! So the answer: Take the children away from the parents and have them brainwashed by the state! That’s the real thing here.

This is insanity. Whites must keep their children and insist on having MORE POWERS over their white children everywhere! Keep Jews and Liberals AWAY FROM YOUR PRECIOUS WHITE CHILDREN FFS! The Jews just want to indoctrinate them, turn them into faggots or communists or some other white hating garbage. Jan]

Police union calls for children to be taken away from anti-Semitic parents

The head of Germany’s second largest police union has responded to recent reports of anti-Semitism in the schoolyard by saying that authorities should be allowed to take children away from anti-Semitic parents.

“Authorities need to act decisively [against anti-Semitism] including when the aggression comes from migrants,” Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPolG) told the Augsburger Allgemeine on Wednesday.

“If children are raised to become anti-Semites we shouldn’t be afraid to take them away from their families,” he added.

DpolG is Germany’s second largest police union with 94,000 members. Wendt, who has been head of the union since 2007, regularly makes headlines due to his hardline stance on criminality.

His latest comments come in the wake of a report last week that a Jewish girl at a Berlin primary school was told by a Muslim classmate that she deserved to be beaten and killed because of her religion.

It was the third such report of anti-Semitism in Berlin schools to make headlines over the past 12 months. On another occasion a Jewish teenager swapped schools after Muslim classmates threatened him with a fake gun.

Wendt claimed that many school directors had chosen to ignore the problem, saying “they act according to the mantra ‘it doesn’t exist in my school.’”

“There has also been a tendency not to willingly register anti-Semitism by Muslims – but it needs to be recorded without prejudice so that we can develop effective counter-strategies,” he said.

Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, called last week for a more straightforward system for schools to report anti-Semitism.

He said he wanted teachers and students to have a way to report “anti-Semitic or other acts of violence without bureaucratic hurdles, in order to get a clearer picture of what is going on”.


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