Video & Audio: When Christians were FURIOUS and behaved like Romans! – The Boers vs Zulus in 1838

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The war of 1838 is unique because it is the one time when the Boers lose their cool and they set out to kick ass and engage in raw revenge. For a while, they behave like the Romans! It is my FAVOURITE time in Boer history.

A critical part of this discussion is about how other races and people see us Whites, and how they FEAR OUR SUCCESS and how they fear us, even when we don’t see ourselves as dangerous or threatening.

In this show Brant, the American school teacher and I discuss the war between the Boers and the Zulus in 1838 and how the Boers created one of their first Boer Republics, Natalia. Natalia did not last long. It’s creation was bathed in Blood.

We also discuss Cecil Rhodes and the Jew and the Diamonds and Gold found in Boer territory.

This was recorded on: 2023-02-04.

You can read the British Christian Missionary’s account of the slaughter of the Piet Retief and the others here:

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