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[Someone sent me a message where I saw an advert about feeding a Black Child for only $1 per day. This was my reply. Jan]

I wrote:
@Unakceptabke_views @WhiteMansBible I’m glad you learned stuff from my videos. I have much more to say, and I’ve been gathering information as well as old videos that you can’t find any more. I want to show people what Africa was like when I was a kid living in a White colonial state. Images, like these below about feeding some worthless black for $1 a day just makes my head want to EXPLODE. These are the same fools and idiots who turned on us, happily accepted AK47s and other Russian weapons and happily came and killed or even (in some cases) tortured Whites to death. These ridiculous Black fools then all came to power everywhere, they destroyed FULLY FUNCTIONAL COUNTRIES THAT WHITES HANDED OVER TO THEM, and they then either chased the Whites out or killed them or, like South Africa, inbetween MURDER they also have made over 100 laws and statutes that discriminate against Whites. By feeling sorry for these silly people Whites in the West are going down the path of "Jewish Morality" and you are creating a huge problem for yourself. We, as a race have already done too much and it’s backfired badly on us. Stick around, I will show you much more about Africa, and where we lived, and I will give you visual stuff to see. You will get to see how Africa REALLY FUNCTIONED UNDER WHITE RULE. These worthless, useless idiotic morons, are ingrates and fools – to put it mildly. We really don’t need these people and we as a race must not entertain any of the forms of LOWER MAN. Hitler was someone who was trying to stop the collapse of civilisation. Keep watching my videos. I DO MY UTMOST TO PUT PROPER FACTS IN MY VIDEOS AND TO ALSO ENSURE THAT MY MESSAGES IS NOT PURE PROPAGANDA BUT CAREFULLY REASONED, REALISTIC FACTS. That way you can form a proper judgement of our situation. And this NIGHTMARE Jewish idea of flooding Western countries with Blacks – this is a hideous idea. It is DREADFUL. I was contacted by a White Lady in Iceland who works with Nordic Resistance and she says they’re about to have a Black problem. I feel so sorry for those Whites. Many Whites in the West have lived quiet sheltered lives (e.g. the Nordics) who aren’t inundated with weirdo races on the borders. Everyone is in for the shock of their lives. Never help these worthless people. Leave NATURE to take care of them. NEVER FEEL SORRY FOR people outside your race. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Leave them all to their fate – whatever it is.

Now let me ask you a question. Have you EVER seen an advert in any non-Western nation where they have a photo of a White child who is sick or hungry and they collect money to FEED A WHITE CHILD or get a DOCTOR to care for a White Child? Have you seen anyone even sending medical personnel after a hurricane or earthquake to Whites? I’ve never seen such a thing. ALL CHARITY on this planet comes from Whites. But who will feed us or care for us? Nobody.


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