The Jewish Hell called Canada: Political Prisoner Brad Love Mistreated By Cops At Start of Harassment Trial

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Posted on November 24, 2023

Political Prisoner Brad Love Mistreated By Cops at Start of “Harassment” Trial

November 23. Political prisoner Brad Love called CAFE from prison in Fort McMurray today. He is ill and the court adjourned for the day. Brad faces three year old charges for writing harassing letters to elected officials and for posting “Keep Canada White” stickers.

Up until Sunday, Brad was being held without bail in the Edmonton Remand Centre, He was awakened at 5:00 a.m. and told to get ready. The van leaving for another 12 hours. He was put in a holding cell. The van finally picked him up after 5:p.m. for the five and a half hour drive to Fort McMurray.

He is kept in a call at the RCMP station in Fort McMurray. “I am treated like shot,” he says. “The light is kept on 24 hours a day. Five days without darkness! My eyes are frazzled. This is sensory deprivation. My health is deteriorating. The system is designed to break you down,” he adds.

An observer familiar with the case comments: “They’re putting him through the ringer. This is abuse by process!”

On the first three days of the trail, various eyewitnesses were unable to identify him as the man who posted stickers. The Crown let one witness winge that he “became nervous” when he say “Keep Canada White” stickers near his home.

Brad was not allowed to cross-examine civilian witnesses. The basic right to confront his accusers was curtailed to save the snowflakes. A court appointed lawyer did the cross-examination.

Brad will be allowed to cross-examine police witnesses himself.

Brad looks forward to cross-examining a policewoman with a phone-book size folder of fingerprint evidence. “The found many samples of my fingerprints in my residence,” he laughs. “I’m going to ask her how much gathering the fingerprints from my house cost the taxpayers.

You can write to Brad Love:

Brad Love,
Edmonton Remand Centre,
18415 127 St. NW,
Edmonton, AB.,
T6V 1B1

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