Suidlanders: Does Simon Roche have 2 passports?


One of my contacts told me recently that in a video that Simon Roche did with Brian Ruhe in 2016, that Roche apparently claimed to have 2 passports.

If anyone can find this video I would be very interested because such a statement would be worth examining much more closely.

I urge people to save any videos you find of Simon Roche interviews. Roche has said many strange things.

There are things he has said, even in the very important Chris Cantwell interview, which beg lots of strange questions! Someone in the USA compiled this video about Roche in his own words: Video: Suidlanders: Simon Roche caught out by his own words! –

2 thoughts on “Suidlanders: Does Simon Roche have 2 passports?

  • 1st December 2018 at 1:53 am

    I thought this video might have been it based on the title but I didn’t hear anything about passports. Informing video, nonetheless.

    I just don’t trust any “white” man who sided with the ANC at any point in time.

    Ruhe has a bunch videos with a post date of April 2018, but a lot of these were older videos that were re-uploaded to Bitchute after his YouTube channel was shoah’d.

    • 2nd December 2018 at 4:46 am

      Thanks for this info. Yes, probably all of Ruhe’s videos are dated as 2018 since I think he was thrown off youtube.

      I’m not sure if this info of 2 passports is true. Its just something that someone brought up saying they had heard it.

      All they told me was that it was from videos done with Ruhe in 2016.


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