Jewish Holocaust: ZERO physical evidence: 1943: Jewish Press Publishes Cover Story To Explain Why No Mass Graves Of Jews Would Be Found After The War


[It has been evident to me for long, that the original Jewish holocaust liars had to ensure that they could explain the total lack of physical evidence by inventing the tall stories of the cremations. The problem is that the Jews lacked the science to know that cremation alone does not turn a human body into dust. Cremation, even at modern, high temperatures, still requires that the bones be pulverised afterwards. There is also zero evidence that the Germans engaged in mass cremation, etc. Judging the sophistication of science, I would posit that even if the Germans did cremate dead Jews by the million and even if they pulverised the bones … YOU WOULD STILL BE ABLE TO DIG IT UP AND ANALYSE THE DNA AND PROVE YOU ARE LOOKING AT DEAD JEWS. Science can do amazing things and I don't see why it would not be able to do that too. The bone would still be in the ground – THOUSANDS OF TONS OF IT ACTUALLY. So to conclude, the bottom line is this: You cannot kill 6 million Jews and have zero physical evidence. Yet, that is EXACTLY where we are. I don't know of a single autopsy ever done on a dead Jew from WW2 who was apparently "gassed". The whole thing is utterly ridiculous. This is yet another tall Jewish tale from the race of liars. Jan]

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