JESUS IS IN AFRICA NOW! – Judge releases Kenyan Jesus after lawyer asked court to produce the real Jesus if he is not the one


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[This is from Kenya, a former British colony. This Black says he is Jesus! You can see the photo of this Black Jesus at the source link below. Jan]

Judge has reportedly released self Acclaimed Kenya Jesus of Tongaren after lawyer demanded court to produce the real Jesus if they believe his client was not the one.

This was after the prosecution stated that findings by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) did not offer any grounds to implicate the self-proclaimed messiah, whose real name is Eliud Wekesa.

Self-proclaimed ‘Jesus Christ’ in danger after threats to crucify him on Easter emerge

The New Jerusalem Church leader appeared before the Bungoma Law Courts, where 2022 presidential candidate, Prof. George Wajackoyah, represented him.

Self-proclaimed ‘Jesus Christ’ in danger after threats to crucify him on Easter

In the hearing, an Office of Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) officer informed the Court that the State had decided to close Yesu wa Tongaren’s file.

Yesu wa Tongaren briefly expressed his dissatisfaction with the arrest and arraignment, noting that he fully complied with the investigators.

Planned Law To Ban Preaching Of Jesus Christ In Israel

He was accused of running a religious cult in Tongaren, purporting to be Jesus Christ, teaching radical ideologies to his followers, some of whom are minors, as well as practising and promoting money laundering.


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