Why do Whites drink Cow’s milk? And the REAL REASON why we got Horses…


[This is from a discussion where a lady was saying that we are not baby cows – why do we drink milk … milk is not good for us … (she claimed it makes us stink). Jan]

This was my reply:
My parents had a small dairy farm and we drank unpasteurised milk all the time. When I was a kid, all us white kids drank milk at school. We did not drink coca cola, but milk – when we were young.

The belief was that it had calcium. I have heard this might not be true or right.

It is weird that we drink the milk of other animals but it must be remembered that things, especially like wheat, but also dairy, and animals are part of the evolution we went through which brought us to civilization.

It is our ability to create more food than we need which created civilisation and allowed civilisation to triumph over the hunter gatherer societies.

So yes it’s weird, but it’s also a step forward.

Interestingly enough, the original reason we got horses, was NOT because we could ride them but because we ATE THEM!!! Fact!!!!


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