Jan – No Internet Connection, No Landline: Blacks with trucks steal copper telephone cables!

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2009: German Magazine Spiegel says: South Africa Has Become a De Facto One-Party State
This is the only time that a major Western publication ever stated the obvious truth: That South Africa is a one party state. The best we can hope for is that the Blacks will fight it out among themselves eventually.

Just a quick note to everyone. I lost my internet connection the evening before. I was up late, and on the Internet when suddenly it died. I switched to my backup, and checked again several times and saw that yes my ADSL line is down.

In the morning I also discovered that my land line was TOTALLY DEAD!

I reported this to the company that handles all our landlines and ADSL here.

I have since found out that blacks stole the copper wire in our area in the suburb I live in, in Johannesburg, and now all my neighbours are without phones.

I just had a hectic discussion over the phone with one of the young white guys who works for the company. He told me that blacks came with a big truck into the suburb of Linden and they went into the man-holes and stole all the copper. So now a huge area is without telephones and adsl and that is where I live.

I’m ready to dump this stupid company anyway for the extremely bad ADSL throughput and for the cost of calls, etc.

So I gave the young white guy hell over the matter. He said that Telkom, the company running all the landlines, has decided that they will NOT replace the copper in our areas. They will instead give us wireless connections.

I will look into this to see how good this is. Fibre was recently installed in my suburb, but for me its too expensive to use for my websites. So I’m trying to keep costs cheaper than that.

So that’s some feedback from South Africa on what the heck the blacks are up to! I think the economy is sinking, and we can expect more black shenanigans!!!

It was most annoying. Luckily, I have been thinking ahead and I had a pretty good Plan B so I am able to function.

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2005: S.Africa: Black Teenage Mum: I drowned my HIV+ baby in a toilet
A young Matatiele mother admitted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Friday to killing her nine-month-old baby because she was HIV positive.

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