Important: Harry Knoesen in South Africa – upcoming trial for Christian Revolution on 20th January

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[To the person who is submitting me these messages. Below is another message from this person. This person leaves messages for me with a fake email address so I cannot respond to him/her. 

The person below clearly is one of Harry's people and is close to him. I would not mind speaking to this person. I have no means of contacting Harry Knoesen directly. I wish this person below would leave me a valid email address so we can speak. This person seems to know quite a lot more, but if I can't ask them anything directly then there's nothing further I can do.
The person claims that Harry is in great danger. I can imagine that being in prison in South Africa, surrounded mostly by blacks, that its not fun. 
So, whoever you are, please leave me an email address I can contact you at. Then we can talk. Otherwise, there is nothing more I can do. I am glad that somebody did donate some money to Harry's defense. Jan]

Here is the 2nd message I got from this mysterious person:

did you use the info I provided to get into contact with Harry, I fear
that if you don’t get to publish his story that Harry wont be around long enough
to tell it him self, the conditions they have subjected him to is inhumane and he is constantly surrounded by life threatening danger. I cant contact him anymore as the rats are waiting for a catch.

there was a donation made for his defense, thanks a lot for your efforts, we can only now pray that Harry wil be ok on the 20th.

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