I think Jews FOOL EVERYBODY … even scientists, professors, generals, priests – EVERYONE

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These are good people. I was there in 2010. They‘re expanding and looking for more people to go there. Jan

This is a quick note: The more I look at stuff, the more convinced I am the JEWS FOOL EVERYBODY! I mean EVERYBODY, even scientists, professors, generals. And then you have these weak sacks of shit aka politicians. To be a liberal you must be a total weak idiot.

I am utterly convinced that Jews invent all kinds of complex lies and they FOOL THE WORLD. They fool people with very high IQ’s. I think Jews can fool people who are of higher intelligence than Jews! (I don’t think Jews are that clever either). I think Jews are just insanely excellent and they invent enormous complex lies.

Jews will get you to execute your own mother and you’ll believe that you’re doing a good thing.

Jews know how to press everyone’s buttons and what their weak points are and the Jews lie and crow in unison talking their Jewish crap.

The ONLY men who saw through Jews like looking through a pane of glass were: Hitler, Goebbels and George Lincoln Rockwell.

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