If Intelligent Aliens exist … WHY would they want to speak to us?


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So I was chatting to a guy and telling him that I no longer believe that UFOs have visited the Earth or that aliens ever came here. I am convinced that everything about UFOs comes from only one source, MILITARY and perhaps some science … like developing new, secret planes. I don’t believe an alien landed anywhere, nor that anyone has seen an alien. Yet, I once was very interesting in UFOs and still have a bunch of books from when I was a kid, when I was fascinated by this.

The guy had said to me that maybe there are some UFOs that were real. And it got me thinking about Aliens. Let’s assume aliens came across this distance to the earth. Well, as scientists have said, and I think this is a deeply important point: Long before Aliens reach us, their robots and automated spacecraft would reach us. It is therefore, virtually impossible for them to arrive in person, without us having seen their other vehicles – perhaps millions of them.

But let’s assume aliens actually came to the earth.

Nowadays, I think differently about all of it. For example, if Aliens really came here, why would they skulk around and abduct humans at night and even return them? Why wouldn’t they just abduct them in daylight? Why skulk around? If they came this distance their technology would be so awesome that they would not need to hide from us. And if we irritated them, they could just kill those who irritated them in the way that we swat a fly.

I’m merely making the point that any stories we have of UFOs make zero sense, if real aliens actually were to come here. It would make no sense.

But let’s go further. Suppose they arrived here, and they saw us – in all probability, they would have known about us for thousands of years before they even set out to reach us. So if they came here in person, what would their goal be?

We think in emotional terms that they would be happy to meet and greet us. But if you look at nature, and the dominance of animals – will to power concepts like that of Nietzsche, for example, ask yourself the question of what they would be interested in?

They might, for example, be interested in studying us for scientific curiosity because we might be relatively unique. Intelligent life does not seem to be common at all in the universe. So they might want to observe us as one does some mice in a laboratory. Furthermore, I doubt they would want to speak to us. They might just grab some people and slice them open or carry out some experiments and toss them aside. I don’t see why they would value our lives particularly.

If they spoke to us, I don’t think it would be to be friends in any way. They might even just want to know about our psychology, for their benefit and nothing more.

I don’t see any reason why they would come all this way to SPEAK TO US. They would regard us as inferior beings, and see what they can learn from us. If they determined that they liked our planet or that we are some annoyance to them, they would kill us.

Why would a superior being, a vastly superior being, want to have a conversation or a friendship with us? It would be the same as us searching out a rat in a field and now wanting to converse with him and find out his views. A handful of scientists might want to find them and study them. The rest of us would not care at all except for the knowledge gained from it. And if this create were deemed to be a pest or nuisance to us, we would get rid of it.

If beings had evolved so far as to travel across space to get to us, I don’t think they would have the inferiority complex to want to MAKE FRIENDS. Not at all. They would be dominant, and they would not bode any irritation from us.

Why would they want to interact with us and even teach us stuff? That would be stupid. They would simply look on us the way we look at a spider, or rat or an insect. They might study us, learn something and then leave, without saying a word. Or, if they determined they needed or wanted something here, or that we could be a pest, they would eradicate us, either entirely or partially.

Depending on their own physical state, they might not be able to live on earth anyway. But if the earth could be habitable to them or useful to them, they might decide to exterminate all existing life and change it so that they can use it for their species and the species they co-exist with.

I don’t see any desire, among superior beings, to want to speak to us.

The same is true of the concept of God. Why would God ever want to speak to us?

I don’t think superior beings would operate in this silly emotional way.

It might even be a bad idea to search for intelligent life in the universe in case you give your position away and they come to harm you. But I think that’s unlikely. They would know you exist before you even make that known to them.

It just appears to me that we are thinking like idiots about aliens.

In fact, if they were fascinated by some of us, they might for fun grab some people and animals and place them in a kind of alien zoo, or laboratory, where they would do whatever they please including slicing the humans and animals up, without anesthetic in order to study us; and then toss the bodies away when they’re finished.

I don’t see why our discomfort would bother them at all.

They would know that the law of the universe is that Might is Right, and they would do whatever suited them and worked for them, and that would it it. No morality. No love or friendship. Friendship or trading or alliances would have no use for them because what could we give to them or do for them that they couldn’t do for themselves?

The chasm between them and us would be so great as to have no meaning in earth terms.


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