2 Photos: Amazing Ben Klassen: The happiest marriage of any White American NAZI after WW2

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[One thing about Ben Klassen that comes through to me, that is very unexpected, is his happy marriage. It could be that Tom Metzger was just as happily married. I think Tom Metzger had more children. Klassen only had 1 child, a girl named Kim. What stands out for me, with Klassen, is that he had a few people close to him, who clearly totally trusted him regardless of how he changed his mind and conceived of new things. His wife is amazing. That woman really stood by him and WORKED WITH HIM. It looks to me as if he had one of the happiest marriages of any White man in the movement. Rockwell, for example, lost his wife. She moved away and he became a NAZI. Dr Pierce, struggled with women, but he always did have one. But they came and went. Whereas Klassen’s wife was there all the time and she features as someone who is always with him and she works with him. I think she died before he died and that this may have played a serious role in him deciding to commit suicide. Zundel in Canada had a good marriage – later. But Klassen and possibly Metzger, had the longest marriages and the happiest. Klassen definitely had a very excellent marriage. Below are 2 photos. One is of his wedding day. Jan]

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