Holocaust & Holohoax: The Jew David Cole is back lying intensely – What happened to Eric Hunt?

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[This is an excerpt from an email I wrote to Americans who had done excellent work on the holocaust and who were incredibly INFURIATED by the Jew David Cole being allowed on to a White Right Show where he was now lying intensely. David Cole was the Jew who did some good work once, exposing Auschwitz. Many whites praised this "Good Jew" for doing this good work. And indeed that is fine. But this Jew's work proved to be so counter-productive that the rest of Jewry got hold of him and turned him around. Thus, for at least the last 7 years, he has been back, carrying out the Jewish agenda of lying and misrepresenting things and he's going against the very truths he once expounded. BUT BE AWARE THAT THE JEW DAVID COLE DID NOT DO WORK THAT WAS UNIQUE. LIKE EVERY JEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION HE STOLE THE WORK AND IDEAS OF OTHERS. I THINK HE STOLE THE FRENCHMAN FAURISSON'S WORK. I THINK. THUS THE JEW COLE, NOW HAVING THE TRUTH THAT CAME FROM SOMEONE ELSE THEN RAN AROUND MARKETING IT AS HIS OWN. The bottom line though is that there is no such thing as a Good Jew, and it irks me intensely to see the Jew Unz being feted by people. Jan]

This is what I wrote to the Americans who were infuriated by the recent appearance of the Jewish bag of shit, David Cole:

I am delighted by the update on the Jew David Cole.

There is so much to talk about. I’m busy with many things, so I’ve not really looked much back on the holocaust issue but it is probably the most critical piece of propaganda for the white right, that we cannot allow it to be nibbled away by the Jews. Cole is very fascinating. Do you remember the young man who went out and attacked the lying Jew scumbag Spielberg? The young guy who made the documentary THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE? I think his name was Eric Hunt. I was in touch with him in about 2013 when I was in the beginnings of my journey to National Socialism, Jews, etc. He went on to do fabulous work. Then he disappeared and was destroyed. Because of my contacts with him, I feel a personal connection with him and notice that nobody speaks about him. I know the Jews had him on trial at a point. "He" still exists. But I’m not sure if it really is him or a Jew who now owns his email address. Eric told me about his interactions with the Jew David Cole and how Cole was already then being brought back and starting to backtrack on his original story. Of particular concern to this Treblinka where the Jew Cole was already beginning to dig in his heels with the lie that 900,000 Jews had been murdered there.

If Cole is now back, and he is running around, then it can only be that the Jews are using him to discredit the white right in their normal back-handed type of way.

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